Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cappuccino Muffins With Dulce de leche Topping

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I had a wonderful Christmas but was down with bronchitis the very next day and though I did get better in time for New Year again it came back and was totally sick for a few more days. Nidhi and Cheriyan was having Christmas Holidays and both of them had a not-so-exciting-holidays.....with a totally sick mom to take care of. I had promised tons of goodies and even promised them Mall visits......anyways I made up with them with this cappuccino muffins (which I make often) and topped it with Dulce de leche. Most of you will be familiar with this creamy toffee caramel flavor sauce. My kids just love them, so I piped this lovely saucy creamy toffee caramel on top of the muffiins and sprinkled some chocolate strands just to cheer them up.

About Dulce de leche; we do not get these here in Calicut and I don't know whether it is available in Kerala. So I usually make them with condensed milk in pressure cooker.

Dulce de leche can be made very easily in just about an hour right in your home with your pressure cooker. To get the creamy consistency just 30 minutes is needed to get this piping consistency it takes 40 minutes. You can top in on cakes, cup cakes, cookies, puddings, brownies, muffins.....

Banoffee Pie Recipe.

How to make Dulce de leche:
1. First let me warn you that though it is easy to make at home you have to be very CAREFUL!. One tin condensed milk is immersed in water in a pressure cooker and when the steam comes put the weight on and after the 1st whistle simmer the fire for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes switch off the flame and let it come to room temperature. Now we have a hot unopened can in the cooker which might be still hot. DO NOT OPEN it until it comes to room temperature. If you open it while still hot the can will burst because of the pressure inside. So please be careful while making this and please do not let your children handle it while still warm or hot. Open only when the can comes to room temperature....

2. Since I wanted a more thicker consistency I allowed up to 40 min on low flame, so that I can pipe on top of the muffins and it would hold own its own........if you like saucy consistency 10 minutes will be fine. This is how it looked after 40 minutes....a thick dulce de leche.

Pipe it on your muffins or cupcakes or even cookies.

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