Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A sneak into my favorite place-My Kitchen!!

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So here is a peep into my kitchen, my regular readers know that I have shifted my residence to an apartment......we were house hunting for quite a long time and when we saw this apartment what I liked most was the kitchen; it has a workarea and a store plus lots of counter space...

I had lots of fun putting together my kitchen...trying to make it as organised and functional as I can....

This is the place where the family have food, chat, and listen to radio.

On the left side is the cabinets.

Yes that's my good old oven and the cabinet on top has all my recipe books/cutouts and bake-wares.

The middle cabinet has crockery..

There are cabinets and drawers below the counter....

The best part of this place is the sunlight coming through the window.

I know there is no cooking space in this part of my got it right I do not cook here.....stay tuned for my next post where I will take you to my cooking station.

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  1. ahh I love your kitchen space...So mush to keep ...Is this your own appartment>

  2. hi nisa...good to see your kitchen...beautiful..very spacious...ur storage cabinets is full with baking trays ...shows ur love for baking ..
    Also commentable is the pot(drinking water)and steel glasses,looks very traditional ..a blend of trendy and traditional...congrats to both of u!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Binu,thanks u spotted my eco-friendly cooler pot...thanks da for taking time to comment.

  4. Beautiful place Nisa. Functional and beautifully kept. Homely.

  5. Adipoli kitchen, nalla cabinets, bake ware and man chatti.

  6. Hai Nisa,

    Nice to see your new Kitchen. It has been a long time I have visited blogs and hence I wasn't aware until now that you shifted your residence.
    The kitchen though small as you say, appears good.

    Looking forward to see your cooking station.

    Wishing you a great day ahead!

    1. Hey Abhi, long time yes....thanks for stopping by.

  7. Replies
    1. Manidipa, thanks a million for stopping by and for the lovely thought...

  8. lovely and airy kitchen!!
    U know I have been scrolling up and down to see ur bakewares!!!

  9. looks prettier in the pics...happy cooking in this space forever :))

  10. i love your kitchen..its so airy and bright!

  11. loved your kitchen......just a suggestion could keep some plants on the window. Since i stay in a flat and whereever there is sunlight i love to keep plants so thought will tell you. Take care.

  12. Neatly kept kitchen! Happy Cooking :)

  13. Hi nisa,i accidently came across ur blog.made ur pineapple upside down cake,came out v I keep reading ur recipes,wanted to know which oven do u use.i have LG convection oven.

    1. I use Morphy Richards OTG oven and I am very satisfied with it. ...I am so glad that you enjoyed the cake...thanks for the encouragement!


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