Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Chats - 4

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Sunday at last! Hope you guys had a wonderful week.

 As usual, I am at my lazy self and wished I could roam the whole day in my PJs, with the weather a bit cooler and crispier...

Sunday is loved to its fullest, by me.

 Like my friend Mitha mentioned I too wished there were two Sundays in a week!

I have a confession to make; its just that I do not use microwave...Period! I get tons of mails and messages regarding microwave cooking and tips.
Sorry guys, but I just do not use them; I like to cook my food the real conventional way as much as possible. I just cannot consume microwaved food. I feel they are slowly destroying the nutrients in the food.

I like to feed my family the conventional way.

My daughter, Nidhi turned 17 last Friday (still cant believe that she is 17, how time flies!) and I made 3 batches of Texas Sheet Cake for her friends and another "special" cake for the birthday girl.
                         Nidhi as a 3-year-old

Talking about birthday cakes. I saw a video on how to cut a birthday cake scientifically. It seems this was developed by English mathematical scientist Francis Galton in 1906! Ya! almost 100 years ago.

Watch it, you might love it and make sure you do the same.

See you next Sunday, until then........


  1. Happy Bday NIdhi dear !! it is a nostalgic snap!!
    hey thanks for that mention as well !!
    I use microwave just for reheating. otherwise prefer conventional way of cooking. by the way please post how to season iron pan ..

    1. Thank you Mitha....about microwave...try not reheat in it...if possible :) yes, I will post it for you....its just that I took some pics and cant find it....will spent some time and find and post


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