Monday, September 26, 2016

Beetroot Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

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beetroot breakfast smoothie

Healthy beetroot breakfast smoothie is another favourite breakfast option which I love these days and beets are the best option to beat fat!

Beetroot helps to burn fat ad helps in weight loss. They are low in calories and fat and a power house of vitamins and minerals. Beets are high in fibre and may help to lower cholesterol. Eating food with low calorie density will make you feel fuller for a long time.

The betacyanin in beets helps to remove toxins from your liver, decrease the risk of heart disease etc

Regular consumption of beet juice can help to lower your blood pressure levels.

Beetroot is also rich in folic acid which make it an excellent food to eat during pregnancy, but if you are pregnant you need to avoid the pineapple in this drink.

This smoothie is an excellent way to reduce post and pre pregnancy weight..

Its an excellent post work out drink and it boots metabolic rate.

Having this smoothie for breakfast not only helps to keep you fuller for a long time but will also help to lose weight and gives you a glowing and radiant skin.

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