Sunday, October 02, 2016

How To Make Low Fat Curd-Yogurt At Home

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how to make low fat curd at home

How to make low fat curd or yogurt at home? Its simple and easy to make them at home and you just have to follow some small tricks which I have shown in my video.

Low fat curd is great for smoothies and lassies especially if you are on a weight loss journey and the best thing is they can be easily made at home. So next time you reach for that store bought low fat yogurt try my easy method.

This curd can be used as a raita or for all those things with which we usually use curd, it looks and taste the same as curd with fat except it has lesser calories.

Curd or yogurt is a great source of calcium, protein and some really good bacteria for your stomach, hence I like to use them a lot in my daily diet.

When mangoes are in season, you can try this skinny mango lassi with low fat curd.

You can also try this fast diet oats breakfast smoothie with low fat curd, this is a great filling breakfast which will keep you satiated till next meal.

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