Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choc pops (homemade)

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I got this idea after seeing cake pops at Bakerella and moreover Cheriyan's birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something creative and kid friendly for his birthday party. So I wondered why can't I make choc pops with my very own homemade chocolates....and it is easy too I mean no baking and chocolates can be made in 15 min and so the problem was the lollipop sticks.....and then I saw Swapna's cake pops .....the lollipop sticks problem was solved by bamboo skewers. I made the chocolate and spread a little on a greased plate to cut out and wrap in colorful foils.
The rest I rolled into balls greasing my hand with butter.
I inserted the bamboo skewers while still warm and left it to cool.
And brushed them with butter and rolled them in sprinkles.
Even wrapped some of them in colorful foils.....to give a colorful look for my son's birthday party.
This one is really easy to make .....just make the homemade chocolate and roll them...put in the sticks...brush with butter...roll them in sprinkles.....wow! that is pretty fast ....no baking...no crumbling cakes etc etc. Lovely choc pops are ready to treat ur kids and spice up their party.

No baking.....just make chocolates and roll them up

One measure of homemade chocolates.
Little butter to grease hands and brush the choc pops.
Lots of sprinkles.
Bamboo skewers.
Colorful aluminum foils.
Make homemade chocolates and roll them and stick them with skewers.
Kids are going to love this....so try it mummies.


  1. very interesting choc pops. looks tempting n delicious. thanks for visiting my blog. U have a beautiful blog :)

  2. Perfect idea for parties n get-togethers..kids will love it too.They look super fun n cute!!
    Thanks a lot for linking this to bookmark event :)

    US Masala

  3. delicious choco pops lovely presentation

  4. Love the idea and recipe. Thanks for linking it to our event :)

  5. Hi Nisa, this is my first time here. You have a lovely space. This choc pops looks fantastic. am sure kids will love it. very nicely packed.

  6. Hi. Thanks for visiting my space.
    These are sure shot hit with the kids. Beautiful.

  7. Thanks everybody for the lovely comments....


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