Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Chilli Parotta / Restaurant Style

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Chilli Parotta is one of the easiest dinner recipes, is a great way to use left over Kerala parotta with a Chinese twist. Always a hit with kids and bachelors.
I have been making chilli parotta for a really long time, and it is a wonder why I did not think of sharing with you before, until a few days back, a facebook friend asked me for the recipe. It is one of the quick fixes I make for dinner, it is spicy and tangy....with a blend of Chinese sauces, and the best part is, you do not need any other accompaniment with this...its so good on its own.

I used Kashmiri chilly powder, and avoid tomatoes, but use tomato sauce. If you like you can dice one tomato, but I feel it will make it kind of wet, so I stick with tomato sauce.  I am a big fan of "Ching's All in one sauce" I like using it in my Chinese quick fixes....it does give out an authentic Chinese flavor. 

It is said, this originated at a hotel in Tamil Nadu, an idea to finish off parottas; and it seems each chopped up parotta is lightly coated with flour batter and deep fried; parotta itself is very high caloric, so I simply toast the chopped up parotta.... since I get fresh parotta very close to my house; I used fresh ones, you can also use frozen parottas.

I like to dice up the onions and capsicum, and I just stir fry them thus they retain a slight crunchiness, especially the capsicum.

Author: Nisa Homey
Kerala Parotta: 3, chopped or cubed (Fresh or frozen)
Onion: 2, large, diced.
Capsicum: Half, diced.
Green chilli: 2, sliced.
Garlic: 3 or 4 cloves (optional).
Kashmiri Chilly powder: 1 tsp.
Tomato sauce: 2 tbsp.
Soy sauce: 1 tsp.
All in one: 1 1/2 tsp.
Red chilly sauce: 1 tsp (optional)
A fat pinch of turmeric.
Spring onion: Chopped, 1 tbsp.
Oil: 3 tbsp.
Salt: 1/2 tsp.

Gather up everything.
Dice up the onions, capsicum, and the garlic.

Kerala poratta is the star here.

Roll the parotta and place it on a cutting board....cut into strips

Then cross cut them, this is my way of chopping the parottas, if there is any other way you like, free free to follow it.

Its is best to deep fry the chopped parottas, but since parotta itself is very high on calorie....I simply love to toast them on a pan.

In another large kadai, heat oil and pop in garlic.

Add in the onions and green chillies, stir fry with flame on high....add in salt.

After 1-2 min add in the Kashmiri chilly powder and turmeric. (we are just stir frying the onions, and not cooking it through and through, just half cooking it.

Mix well taking care not let it get burnt.

Add in the sauces.

Mix well.

Add in the capsicum, and toss / mix it all over. I like the crunchiness in the capsicum, and that is why I did not add it along with the onion, but if you prefer you can add in with the onion.

Add in the toasted parotta.

Mix and toss well, chopped spring onions.

Serve hot!!


  1. Excellent looking parota with a Chinese twist. Looks simply delicious.

  2. Looks Delicious! never tried this at home :)

  3. Omg..Awseome..Thanks for shring.I am trying tomm
    Shobas Delight

  4. chilli parota looks delicious love it.

  5. I do love this dish even though I'm not familiar with Kerala Parotta. The dish reminds me of southwestern migas where we use corn tortillas in a dish. You dish looks like it has lots of flavors and even more texture. Thanks!

  6. Looks Delicious! Excellent looking pa rota with a Chinese twist. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Where can I get Ching's products in Kerala?


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