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Chakkakuru Manga Curry / Jackfruit Seeds Mango Curry

Chakkakuru manga curry is a traditional Kerala recipe made with Jackfruit seeds and raw mango with coconut and lastly, drizzled with coconut oil.

Jackfruit is the summer fruit of Kerala and popular like mangoes. The fruit is ripened and eaten the raw stage, it is made into Jackfruit Chips; which is a must have if you visit Kerala. The unripe fruit is also made into curries like Chakka Kuzhachathu which is absolutely yummy with Nadan Meen Curry.

Jackfruit seeds or chakkakuru are also used to make delicious dishes like chakkakuru thoran, though cleaning and peeling them are a bit difficult. The seeds once removed from the ripe fruit are washed and spread out to dry, the outer film like layer is removed and the next layer has a brownish coat; which should be lightly scraped off ....and lastly, it is cut into small strips....and again washed two or three times to remove the starch, I love

To make this traditional curry, you need raw mangoes....using them depends on how sour they are....I used a small mango which weighed about 100 gm.....if you are using bigger one, then use half or even three-fourth depending on the sourness. 

I hope you will enjoy making traditional curries like this, which was made by our mothers and grandmothers so patiently.  Try to include these traditional curries in your families diet, so that the new generation will start liking the taste....I know peeling and scraping the seeds are a bit of work, but it is worth the effort. I strongly believe in the concept of territorial food for our every day meal....ofcourse, occasional indulgence is fine though.

Author: Nisa Homey
Cooking Time: 20 min.
Serves: 3-4.

How I made:
To Grind:
Scraped Coconut: 1 cup.
Shallots/Cheriya Ulli: 3,4.
Whole Red Kashmiri Chilly: 3.
Coriander Powder: 1/2 tsp.
Turmeric: 1/2 tsp (I used organic, so the color is slightly less).

For The Curry:
Jackfruit seeds/Chakkakuru: About 300 gms. 
Raw Mango: 1 (Mine weighed about 100 gm)
Water:  2 to 2-1/2 cups.
Turmeric: 1/4 tsp.
Salt: About 1 tsp or as needed.

To Season/Temper:
Coconut Oil: 1 1/2 tsp.
Mustard Seeds: 1/2 tsp.
Shallots or Cheriya Ulli: 2 or 3, sliced.
Whole Kashmiri Chilly: 2 or 3, broken.
Curry Leaves: One sprig.

This is about 300 gms of jackfruit seeds, the outer covering was peeled and the inside brown part was lightly scraped off and cut into 4, lengthwise.

These are the end do not have to scrape the brown part clean....just lightly scraping them is enough.

Now lets get all the ingredients under "to grind" in a chutney bowl or blender. Oh! BTW, that is the raw mango I used (on the left).

Grind with little water to a  fine paste....and keep aside.

Peel and slice the raw mango.

In a kadai or pan....add in the cleaned and sliced seeds add 1 cup of water, turmeric, and salt. Once the water has boiled, simmer and cover and cook until the seeds are 3/4 cooked.

The seeds have a lot of starch in them, and it mostly depends on the variety of the jackfruit.... some seeds absorbs a lot of water and some does take a bit of time to cook through. 
Add in the mango pieces.

Add in about 1 cup more water....and cover and cook ...until the mangoes and seeds are cooked through.

Now, both have cooked nicely and some of the water has been absorbed again by the, you can add in about 1/2 cup more water....if needed. (the mangoes will be a little mushy once cooked)

Add in the grinded coconut.....

 Once the grinded coconut is mixed in, check not boil it for long.....once it starts to boil.....switch off the fire.

And pour in the seasoning or tadka. Heat a small pan with coconut oil, add in mustard seeds and once it starts to crack, add in sliced shallots (cheriya ulli), whole broken red chilly, and curry leaves. Pour this over the curry....and close with a lid, so that the flavor does not escape.
Serve with warm rice.

Enjoy this traditional curry :)


  1. wow!!!! drooling....:P:P:P
    Enikku ithrem ishtam ulla oru curry vere illa, my amma makes it in kalchatti ...I miss it so badly....I cant make it here since there is no chakkakkuru :(:(

    1. This is definitely a mom's curry.....thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Looks so inviting Nisa :) one yum curry, would love to try this sometime.

  3. wow I have brought chopped chakkakuru and pacha maanga from home . it is safely tucked inside my fridge. . shall make this toinight and update you..

  4. Delicious curry :) Made it myself the first time . Reminded me of my mom's cooking. Kerala cuisine rocks!!! :) Thanks for posting this recipe! (I used sweet ripe mango instead of raw mango and it was yummy.)


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