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Paneer Bhujiya.

This is one blanch dish....perfect when you are on a diet and have a craving for a paneer butter, cream based gravy...a truly guilt free curry ..... excellent with roti....and one of the easiest dish ...if you have paneer takes not more than 5 to 7 min to prepare this dish....that's awesome right? in today's time conscious world....I usually make this with homemade paneer....the best part is if you are making paneer especially for this dish... then all it takes is anywhere around 15-18 min....thats pretty cool isn't it???. A true treat for those unexpected guests..... Boil 1 litre milk (I used semi skimmed milk)...when it boiling simmer the fire and pour juice of one lemon and 1/2 tsp of salt into it....stir it well will start curdling and then stir again...switch off fire....and pour this into a sieve....let the paneer rest in the sieve for 5 to 10 min.....DO NOT PUT WEIGHT ON TOP.....we need the paneer a little soggy, mushy, and wa

Bread Rolls/cutlets......step-by-step.

We always observe Lent ....and abstain from meat and fish till Easter...for full 50 you will see more of vegetarian cooking here till Easter. Amma used to prepare these bread rolls as an easy snack....I really don't know whether to call it rolls or cutlets.....all you need is some bread slices, some filling, little milk, and oil for frying...since it is Lent I prepared a vegetable filling which is same as my vegetable cutlet .... you can even fill it with beef or chicken. Ingredients: One packet bread. About 1/2 cup milk. Any vegetable filling. Oil to deep fry. Method: 1. Prepare a filling with potatoes or see my vegetable cutlets I just fried some onions with ginger and green chillies...added garam masala, pepper powder, vinegar and salt to it....then mixed it well with mashed potatoes and carrots. 2. Take a flat plate and pour little cold milk preferably from the fridge into it and dip the bread (both sides) in the d

Mango Mint Sherbet......A cooling raw mango drink.

Summer has set in.....that means mangoes....jackfruits....watermelons....YUM!!..I got some raw mangoes from a neighbor with which I made mango pickles and kept just two mangoes to make this drink.....the mint gives an instant cooling..

Roti recipe | phulka recipe | how to make whole wheat soft rotis or phulkas

Roti recipe, soft phulka recipe; how to make soft rotis with step by step pictures. Phulka or Indian flatbread is popularly known as roti,   is usually made by warming up the roti on both sides in an iron tawa and put on hot coal to puff up....since hot coal is not available, I usually put on gas to puff up, sometimes makes them with just cooking them on the tawa only. I got a few mails asking me how to make a roti/ Indian friends who are experts in roti making please excuse this post.....most days dinner for my family will be roti with some compensate my kids indulgence in sinful treats, I always make roti without even a wee bit of ghee or oil.....I usually don't buy whole wheat flour, I always grind wheat in the local mill and store it..... Ofcourse, you can knead the dough with ghee/butter/oil to get extra softness....but I just knead the dough with plenty of love till my hands ache to get a smooth dough. Since this is almost a sta

Spinach/Palak Samosas......Whole Wheat Flour...step-by-step.

I have a dilemma. Most of the snacks which I share here are often made as an after school snack for my kids. The reason?. Ugly clicks. Kids will be so hungry that they would pounce on them....and will disappear by the time I get my cam....When I made Nithyas breadcups.....I couldn't click them....and Nidhi declared better luck next time Amma!!!. She is so cool to say....why worry Amma ....make again and click them....

Easy double chocolate cupcakes.....

Is there something called death by chocolate!!! If there is I strongly urge you to make this cake to get the chocolatey ooey...gooey feel......I made this cake 3 times now....and it has topped the list of my favorites....actually it all started when my son (Cheriyan) wanted a chocolate cake so very badly one late Sunday afternoon and I was short of butter.....then I remembered that I had book marked this recipe   and gave it a came out so soft and fluffy that it disappeared fast....and I had to make thing which I have found is that the cake is a bit low on a topping is a must....I topped it with my own homemade chocolate sauce .....

Whole wheat soft garlic knots (no eggs).......step-by-step.

I have this perfect relationship with yeast....and that gives me plenty of reason to bake with yeast often....I love baking with yeast....and the smell of baked bread....ah! the way it flows out of my house and have the neighbors asking me what's in the oven.....Nidhi loves garlic rolls and I make them often....and I got bored with baking the same garlic rolls again and again (I need variety in the kitchen)....I came across this recipe and I made them the next time she asked for garlic rolls....ofcourse I tweaked the recipe to suit my kids taste....I used only whole wheat flour...more simply called as atta...and used ghee instead of the olive oil.....topped it with dried rosemary, melted butter.......and garlic...hmmm heaven!!! How I made them: Whole wheat flour/Atta: 3 cups. Sugar: 1 tbsp. Instant yeast: 1 tsp. Salt: 1 tsp. Ghee/Clarified butter: 2 tbsp. Warm milk:  1/4 cup. Warm water: 1 cup. For the glaze: Garlic: 3 or 6 cloves. Butter: 2 tbsp. Dried r