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Malabar Chicken Spring Rolls - Iftar Recipes

Chicken spring rolls recipe - how to make Malabar style chicken spring rolls. Chicken spring rolls recipe (malabar style) is a perfect snack for Iftar.  Unlike the Chinese chicken spring rolls, the filling for these spring rolls are made with Indian spices. A favorite snack among Muslims in Malabar region. Living in Malabar, has given me some good friends and are always willing to share Mappila Cuisine recipes. Again, this recipe is from Nidhi's friend Amra's mom; which has become a family favorite. My kids love to have this as an after school snack and I am sure it will be your favorite too :) How to make Malabar chicken spring rolls. Other recipes you may like: Malabar chicken samosa recipe Malabar chicken fry Malabar style cauliflower fries Malabar Chicken Spring Rolls - Iftar Recipes PREP TIME : 10 mins     |  COOK TIME : 20 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Boneless chicken: 250 gm Kashmiri chilli powder:1 tsp Co

Mushroom Roast Recipe - Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom roast recipe, how to make mushroom or  mushroom ularthiyathu. Mushroom roast or mushroom ularthiyathu - is a quick and easy recipe made with mushrooms and a few Indian spices especially crushed black pepper. This mushroom roast is a simple Kerala style dish ; and pairs well with rice or Indian flatbread (roti). Button mushrooms or portobello mushrooms works very well,  though originally this roast is made with wild mushrooms also(check notes). The flavor of  curry leaves and crushed pepper stands out and the roasting in coconut oil gives it a unique taste. Come monsoons in Kerala, wild mushrooms were abundant, during my childhood; my grandmother used to make this mushroom roast for dinner and whenever I make this, I still can relive those days.....such is the power of home-cooked food! The mushrooms get a dark color after roasting in coconut oil. This roast can be served wrapped in Roti and makes a perfect lunch box meal for kids and adults alike. A family fa

Chakka Puttu Recipe / Jackfruit Puttu

Chakka puttu recipe, how to make jackfruit puttu. Chakka puttu or jackfruit puttu is a traditional breakfast from Kerala. Jackfruit or chakka is sliced and layered with puttu podi to make a healthy and filling breakfast. Sometime back, I shared banana puttu recipe which is also a healthy breakfast, especially for kids. Ripened jackfruits are sliced finely and mixed with coconut or you can sprinkle coconut over the fruit and topped with puttu podi (do check out this post on how to make easy puttu podi with left over rice ). My son, Cheriyan and Homey loves to have this for breakfast and during jackfruit season, I make this often, you do not need any other curry, the jackfruit will become soft after it is cooked and can mix into the puttu and have it. I made in my chiratta puttu kutti, you can also make in the long kutti also. If you do not have puttu kutti or puttu maker, try using coconut shell to make DIY puttu kutti . How to make chakka puttu, with step by step

Chilli Beef Recipe - How To Make Chilli Beef Recipe

Chilli beef recipe - how to make chilli beef (restaurant style). Restaurant style chilli beef recipe is a family favorite and easy to make at home too. Beef chilli or chilli beef can be made with very less/little oil and beef pieces need not be fried at all . Chilli beef is one of the most popular indo-chinese dish in Kerala. What I like about this chilli beef recipe is the ease at which it can be made and beef pieces are not deep fried and that makes this a favorite. Chilli chicken is another popular indo-chinese dish; and my chilli chicken recipe is also made with very little oil and the best part is the chicken pieces are not fried, if you have not tired my chilli chicken recipe, pls do ASAP. This recipe can be served with fried rice , Naan or even with Indian flat bread/ roti. Chilli beef recipe: Chilli Beef Recipe - How To Make Chilli Beef PREP TIME : 5 mins     |  COOK TIME : 25 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Beef : 400 g

Onion Tomato Raita Recipe

Onion tomato raita recipe, how to make onion tomato raita. Onion tomato raita with step by step pictures - an easy and healthy   Indian raita. This raita stands out because of the ease at which it can be made with the (most common) two main ingredients easily available - Onions and tomatoes. Onion tomato raita brings in nostalgic memories as a new bride and a novice cook myself about 20 years back; those days there was no internet and even phone calls were not easy as it was now, living in the remotest village near Munnar hill station. My mother in law had once mentioned briefly that Homey loves this onion tomato raita so much that he does not need any extra curry with phulkas and boy! this raita was a life saver for me those days. Living in far off hill station where you get the freshest of the fresh tomatoes this raita recipe was a keeper and yes, over the years it has graced many meals and the recipe passed on. The mustard seeds and the whole red chilies crackling in