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Hershey's Best Ever Brownies....step-by-step.

My search for the perfect brownies ends here....I guess so.....or until I find a  better one than this .....I  made this brownie more than a couple of times.....I am this fan of ingredients which require melting butter and mixing with hand.....I hate to take my electric mixer the washing, cleaning, drying, and putting it back to its whenever I come across a recipe that can be mixed by hand I bookmark it. Now, I have a confession to mentioned earlier I made this more than a couple of times....the first time when I made this, I found it difficult to take pics with two hungry kids greedily eyeing the brownies to cool I thought I will get it next time....again the same thing happened....finally I got this click .  I added chocolate chips along with the chopped cashew nuts....the chocolate chips melted and sort of created a gooey-ooey-oh-so-chocolatey brownie.....if you don't want double chocolate in your brownie...omit the chocolat

Raw Banana Chips......Recipe Rewind.

I had posted banana chips last year in this space when I was an anonymous blogger.....with no followers or comments to inspire me......I have been thinking why not repost those recipes which are my favorite and those I make often in my kitchen.... Wednesday's I will try to post one recipe that survives still in anonymity with a better picture. ...well atleast that's what I plan to ....lets see how it goes. Banana chips is one of the traditional Kerala is usually fried in coconut oil.....and can be prepared at home with ease. You can either slice the raw banana thinly with a knife or with a mandoline  Banana chips is made from a different variety of bananas which is locally known as "Ethakka/Nenthrakka", they are found in and around Kerala. The chips are deep fried slices of raw banana in coconut oil. It is an essential part of Kerala.Cuisine. Its available almost everywhere in and around Kerala The raw bananas should be slit lengthwise and the

Whole wheat garlic egg version.

Garlic rolls is one of my most popular post here in this space. I make this often, my daughter just loves it. This one is made with whole wheat flour.....since I make this often I just tried it with wheat flour and though it is not as soft as made with all purpose flour it is soft enough....The idea is to make it healthy with wheat flour....I try to incorporate it in everyday cooking as much as I can....I thought I will share this today. Do check out here   for the original post which I had posted long back. 

Oreo Muffins with Streusel Topping......step-by-step.

Raise your hand if you like Oreo. Well, that's my sons favorite line these days. He is so much into Oreo that he supposedly became an Oreoholic!!!!....well that's the term he used to describe his sudden love for Oreos.

Chemmeen Ularthiyathu/Shrimp/ Prawns Fry......step-by-step.

When I think of Chemeen (shrimp).....all my diet resolutions go weak....I can munch on this 24/7 or until I get a stomach upset......Amma always makes this whenever I visit her.....I especially  love to bite  the "thengakothu" (tiny coconut pieces) in between the chemeen. I guess I passed on my likeness of Chemeen to my son.....and he loves to have it with rice.

A Beef Curry with a Difference......I am back!!!

Hi all!!!. I am happy to be back....when monsoon started, lightening struck and most of the electronic goods got damaged including modem....