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Vendakka Mappas/ Okra in creamy spicy coconut gravy...Kerala style.

I have been baking a lot...and maybe indirectly responsible for your bulging waistline or your high cholesterol....can't help myself...I love baking and its therapeutic for me....but all the baked goodies are for my kids and their friends....I rarely buy snacks from bakery.....I have this big aversion to store brought goodies....why buy them when you can make them at home.....a healthy economical option, but then its my own personal opinion.

Chocolatechips Cookie Bars.....step by step.

Chocolate Chips Cookie Bars, oh yes!! there are so quick and easy to make....the chocolate bits in every bite takes you to heaven and back!! Food has the ability to make complete strangers friends and blogging has given me that, one such friend is Mitha. We exchange mails and have become from strangers to friends in a very short period of time. Surprisingly the main topic of our conversation will be food. I admire women who balance home and work and Mitha is one such woman......she loves to bake after coming from office, not to mention the hectic office work, traffic jams, a beautiful baby at home....... Whenever I come across an easy recipe I would try it keeping in mind my two sis-in-laws who try to balance work and home.....and I always recommend those easy recipes to them. Coming back to these bar cookies, the best thing about them is you don't have to roll each one, place two inch apart on the baking sheet....etc etc.....just spread on the baking sheet and bake the

Cappuccino Muffins With Dulce de leche Topping

I had a wonderful Christmas but was down with bronchitis the very next day and though I did get better in time for New Year again it came back and was totally sick for a few more days. Nidhi and Cheriyan was having Christmas Holidays and both of them had a not-so-exciting-holidays.....with a totally sick mom to take care of. I had promised tons of goodies and even promised them Mall visits......anyways I made up with them with this cappuccino muffins (which I make often) and topped it with Dulce de leche. Most of you will be familiar with this creamy toffee caramel flavor sauce. My kids just love them, so I piped this lovely saucy creamy toffee caramel on top of the muffiins and sprinkled some chocolate strands just to cheer them up. About Dulce de leche; we do not get these here in Calicut and I don't know whether it is available in Kerala. So I usually make them with condensed milk in pressure cooker. Dulce de leche can be made very easily in just about an hou

Slow Roasted Beef Noodles (With Vegetables) ..........My Way!!

I hope everybody had a fabulous New Year!