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Ghee Coffee - Bulletproof Ghee Coffee Recipe

  Ghee coffee aka bulletproof coffee with ghee is a perfect way to have a good source of healthy fat in your diet first thing in the morning. This ghee coffee is inspired from Dave Aspery's bulletproof coffee. Having a good source of fat in the morning helps to keep you feeling satiated, reduce sugar cravings and much much more. I personally have bulletproof cocoa as a fat first pre workout drink

Golden Fried Rice

  Golden Fried Rice gets its name from the fact that the rice is coated with the egg yolks. Cooked and cooled rice are a good source of resistant starch which helps in good gut health and in weight loss. Golden egg fried rice is an excellent way to have a protein & fibre rich meal for the whole family. I have used iluppai poo chemba rice in this recipe, its hand pound and is a traditional variety of rice. I also used coconut aminos as a healthier alternative to soy sauce. This is a healthier version of egg fried rice loaded with vegetables and makes a perfect quick meal for the whole family. Ingredients: 3/4 cup cooked and cooled ilupaipo (the rice has been kept in the refrigerator to make it a good source of resistant starch). I boiled the rice and strained it and once cooled, kept it in the refrigerator overnight. You use any variety of rice you prefer. 2-4 tsp of wood pressed sesame oil, wood pressed sesame oil as a very neutral flavour and pairs well with Asian cooking. 7-8 gar