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Vegan Cashew Yogurt Recipe - How To Make Cashew Curd Without Probiotic Capsules

Cashew yogurt/curd is another alternative to dairy curd. Cashew curd can be easily made at home without any probiotic capsules. Naturally fermented cashew curd is a good source of probiotics.   Ingredients: 1 cup raw cashew nuts 1 cup + ¼ cup water 2 tbsp vegan starter (either peanut curd or coconut curd)   Notes: If you don’t have a starter; you can add 3 green chilies along with the stalk in the milk. Remove the chilli stalks and add in. It will help to ferment the curd, but will take around 20 – 24 hours to set curd. Once the curd is set you can use it as a starter to set the next set of curd. The cashew milk is slightly thick as it is to make curd however if you prefer thinner milk/curd you can add ¼ cup water to the milk. Adjust the starter to your sour taste. Heating the milk prevents contamination by other bacteria, another option would be to blend with hot water.