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Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Step by Step

Homemade skinny chocolate ice cream is so easy to make at home and the best part is you do not need an ice cream maker to make this rich chocolate ice cream. This rich luscious ice cream, is purely homemade and is very creamy, though it does not feel as cold when you have it like a store-bought ice cream does, it is more like a frozen chocolate mousse , creamy and rich and so very smooth! the reason is that there are no ice crystals as cream and milk is boiled together to remove water thus making it smooth, creamy, and luscious. I do not own an ice cream maker and so I use two methods to churn the ice cream, the first one,  is I use my hand held beater to cream/churn the ice cream at about 1 hour intervals after it is moved to the freezer and the second method is I simply used a fork to whip up once it started to set.....both ways workeded wonders. I used bitter sweet chocolate to get that rich chocolate flavor and used cocoa powder to get the rich dark colour. Summer

Paneer Butter Masala Recipe (Restaurant Style) Step by Step

Restaurant Style Paneer Butter Masala is so easy to make at home, creamy rich paneer butter masala is my kind of indulgence! or you could say restaurant kind of indulgence! Paneer butter masala is the most sought after dish after butter chicken and is loved by vegetarians and non vegetarians alike and it is such a wonder that I waited this long to post this dish, which I am sure is loved by you. During Lent, Homey and I abstain from meat and this buttery dish tops the list. Let me warn you, that this is total indulgence, made with butter and cream, so stop right here if you are on a diet :) My thinking is like this, when you go to a restaurant, you order a dish you love and 90% of the time, you dont think about the cream, butter or other fats in the dish (addition of a heavy dose of cream/malai in gravies are the secret to those luscious thick and tasty gravies) ...and when we try to replicate at home, we tend to avoid cream, butter, ghee etc....and the dish just turn ou

Orange Popsicles / Orange Creamsicles

Orange Popsicles! Oh! yeah! Summer Screams frozen desserts! This frozen orange popsicles are creamy and orangey and so easy to make....a summer treat for kids! No cooking is needed to make these pops, just squeeze out juice from fresh orange and blend all the ingredients....So easy and quick!! Summer is at its might and frozen desserts are the best thing to cool down, and how I wish mangoes hit the market, cant wait to make mango ice cubes for my kids. My son, Namit (its his pet name, and I call him Nami, and so does everyone) is at home for his study hols and he needs to have some thing on and off and always ransack my refrigerator......all on the pretext of studying for exams! ha! and when I got some fresh oranges.....I thought why not make orange popsicle for him.....I first thought of adding full fat milk or condensed milk........but later changed my mind and thought of adding curd/yogurt as Nami does not like curd/yogurt, he has formed a distaste towards it right from the t

Egg Roast Recipe | How To Make Egg Roast

Egg roast recipe, how to make egg roast with step by step pictures. Egg roast is a very simple but spicy side dish and a popular Kerala dish.  Kerala Mutta Roast is Kerala's own quick Egg Roast , a simple yet spicy side dish with onions, tomatoes and Indian spices, and very restaurant style. Egg roast is a favorite breakfast side dish and usually paired with appam, puttu or even roti . It is so easy to make that all you need is just under 20 min to get it done and a perfect side dish when guests surprise you with a visit. If you are a regular here, you know that I should be renamed as the "Spice Woman" I love spicy food and so does my I added green chilly along with Kashmiri chilly powder, but if you do not favor much spice, you can reduce the green chilli or you can add it without cutting or slitting, so that the heat does not release out, but the flavor does.........and this one is a treat for Homey during Lent. He love to have it with ap