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Easy Kerala Payasam Recipe

  Payasam recipe with banana, nethra pazham pradhaman is a quick and easy payasam recipe without dairy milk or refined sugar. Its easy to make at home in just under 20 mins. You just need very few ingredients and can make it as a quick last minute payasam recipe. Payasam is a dessert from Kerala usually made during the festive seasons of Onam, Vishu or on your birthdays. It's a kerala dessert and it is served warm after a sadya (meal).  This is my version of a quick last minute healthy payasam recipe which can be done in just 20 mins. Its healthy, tasty, and super easy to make!! Ingredients: 1 tbsp A2 desi ghee 1 banana, chopped 100 gms (1/2 cup) jaggery, crushed 1 cup thick coconut milk 2 cloves, 2 cardamon seeds (powdered) 1/4 tsp dry ginger powder 1 tbsp coconut sliced 1 tbsp raisins 1 tbsp cashew nuts

Ragi Soup Recipe Healthy Weight Loss

  Ragi soup recipe for weight loss, ragi or finger millet soup is ideal as a filling and fibre rich meal for dinner, an ideal vegetarian soup for diabetic diet. Its easy to make in just under 20 mins. I prefer to use sprouted ragi flour, do check the video for more info on sprouted ragi flour. Ragi or finger millet is a higly nutritious millet and it is completely gluten free, hence ideal for those with gluten allergies or intolerances. I have made the soup recipe as simple as possible and used easily available ingredients. The coriander stalks will help to enhance the flavour and the lemon will help in more nutrient absorption. I have already shared many soup recipes, pls do check them out for more soup ideas. Ingredients: 1 tsp wood pressed coconut oil 1 medium onion, 1/2 inch ginger, 3 garlic cloves 1.5 tsp sea salt 3 tbsp coriander stalks 7-8 beans, chopped 1 carrot, chopped. 3 cups water 1 tsp black pepper powder 1/4 capsicum chopped --- 1.5 tbsp sprouted ragi flour 1/2 tbsp arrow

Instant Millet Dosa Recipe

  Instant millet dosa recipe, how to make high protein millet dosa with sama millet also known as little millet. Millets are highly nutritious and is completely gluten free. I personally include millets in my family's diet and I am always trying out different ways to incorporate them in my diet. This high protein instant millet dosa is loaded with fibre and protein from the sprouted mung dal. Its easy to make and the best thing is you just need to blend everything  and you can make instant dosa provided you have some soaked millets at hand. Soaking millets are a must to help release the phytates, the rule is to soak millets longer than you soak rice. Soaking helps in better nutrient absorption and also in good digestion. So, personally when I plan to make this recipe what I do is I soak the millets at night if its for breakfast or in the morning if it is for dinner. Planning ahead helps a lot in balancing your meals.  Ingredients: 3 cups moong sprouts 1/2 cup little millet 1 cup wa

Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

  Sweet corn soup recipe is made with tender sweet corn kernels along with vegetables like beans, carrots, spring onions etc. It is easy to make and can be enjoyed as light meal for dinner in your weight loss journey. Sweet corns are now in season and what better way to enjoy them when in season. When choosing sweet corn make sure you choose juicy and tender ones. When you press a corn kernel with your finger, juicy milk will be released out, if tender. I have fond memories of relishing sweet corns while living in Coorg many years ago. In the cold monsoons of Coorg, coal roasted corn on the hob was a thing! I never enjoyed the spice masala on the roasted corn cob; I liked it plain with just salt and lemon.  Moving back to Kerala, it was one thing I missed during the monsoons but since a couple of years, sweet corns are available at the local markets. I always prefer to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in my diet. So, when in season, why deny it!! To thicken the soup I prefer to u

Ragi Malt - Ragi Java Recipe - Ragi Recipes Weight Loss

  Ragi malt or ragi java or ragi porridge is a highly nutritious porridge made traditionally with ragi flour, milk or water. I have given a twist to the traditional recipe and made it a weight loss friendly savory recipe so that you can enjoy it any time of the day. Its ideal as a meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I used minimal vegetables however you can use any veggies of your choice. Traditionally milk or curd is used to make ragi ambali kanji, curd is for the probiotic and for better digestibility. I used vegan cashew curd and I have already shared the recipe of making vegan curd (4 different methods to make plant based curd). That being said, if you do not have any issues with dairy milk you can use dairy curd.  I also prefer to use sprouted ragi flour as sprouting the ragi, sun drying it and then powdereing it helps in better nutrient absorption and better digestion. Ragi once sprouted the vitamin C levels tends to increase leading to easy absorption of iron into the bloodstre

Carrot Soup Recipe For Weight Loss

  Carrot soup aka gajar ka soup is a bowl of warm comforting soup ideal as a healthy weight loss meal for dinner. This carrot soup is mild to taste and is easy to make. The carrots are cooked together with onion and other mild spices and then pureed to a silky smooth soup that is perfect for dinner. I used very minimal oil and just kept the soup bare minimum as once blended carrots itself will bring life to the soup hence I avoided potatoes and arrow root powder. The consistency of the soup is perfect for me however, you can adjust water to suit your preference. The mild spice from the freshly ground black pepper and the touch of turmeric will heat up your body thus making it a monsoon/winter special soup.  This soup is so easy to make! No added cream or milk!!  I used wood pressed groundnut oil in this recipe. Wood pressed oils are very neutral in flavour hence you can use any wood pressed oil of your choice in this recipe. The coriander stalks gave the much needed subtle flavour to t

Egg Rice Recipe - Mutta Choru

  Egg rice also known as Mutta Choru is one of the most popular Indian street food available across the country. Main ingredients of egg rice are boiled rice, egg, Indian spices and some veggies. You can use any kind of rice to prepare this dish at home. I used a traditional variety of rice known as illupai poo chemba rice along with my special homemade spice mix. I hope you enjoy this unique masala egg rice recipe. This spice mix is an unique spice mix and it can be stored for some time just like you store garam masala. The spice mix can be adjusted to suit your taste. Egg rice can be enjoyed as a lunch box meal and can be prepared easily. The spice mix takes this recipe to the next level. A word about the rice I am using, I prefer to use traditional varieties of rice in my recipes, however, you can use any variety of rice you have at hand. You can also use left over rice which has been stored in the refrigerator. Ingredients: for the spice mix: 2 tsp black peppercorns 1 whole kashmir