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Kerala Sambar Recipe

Kerala sambar recipe, how to make Kerala sambar. Kerala sambar recipe without any sambar powder is a quick and easy sambar best with idli or dosa. Food from Kerala like avial, sambar, olan, ginger pickle etc is served for feasts or sadyas especially for Vishu and Onam. There are so many varieties of sambar in Kerala, like varutharacha sambar, sambar made with instant sambar powder etc. But this Kerala sambar recipe does not need any sambar powder; Kashmiri chilli powder, coriander, and turmeric powder is want you need along with dal, tamarind, vegetables and water. Bachelors and novice cooks will find this easy to make as all the ingredients are available in your pantry. Kerala sambar video tutorial. Other Recipes: Avial Recipe Olan Ginger pickle Mango pickle Pazha Manga Curry Kerala Sambar Recipe PREP TIME : 10 mins     |  COOK TIME : 10 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Tur Dal: 3/4 cup Onion: 1, sliced Tomatoes: 2, sliced

Watermelon Slush Recipe

Watermelon slush, how to make watermelon slush . Watermelon slushie or slush or slushies is a perfect frozen fruit cooler. Cubes of frozen watermelon is blended with lemon juice and little sugar; makes a great summer drink and so easy! Summer is at its might here in Calicut and cool drinks tops my menu chart; kids want nothing but cold  super cold drinks and when Homey got some watermelon I freezed some to make slushies. My kids and their friends loved it, my son would be back from his play all muddy and sun kissed with a bunch of friends...that explains why my freezer is packed with frozen milk and fruits. Do check out my video; this recipe yields one cup of slush. Bachelors are you listening?? Other Summer Coolers: Oreo Milkshake Mango Squash Frappuccino Watermelon Slush Recipe PREP TIME : 1 Min     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Frozen watermelon cubes or small chunks: 1 1/2 cups Juice of half a lime 1 tbsp sugar Mint leaves

Oreo Milkshake Recipe

Oreo milkshake recipe, how to make oreo milkshake Oreo milkshake  is another delicious summer cooler which I made for my kids. This milkshake is packed with that signature cookies, ice cream, and milk. A treat for all those who love oreo biscuits The oreo packet I used had 15 biscuits and I used 10 for the milkshake and crumbled the remaining in the oreo biscuit wrapper itself. I do not have the patience to pop it in Ziploc bag and bang it up, and crumbling the cookies in the wrapper is more easy and saves time too...try it! I have made once with chocolate oreos (chocolate filling) and it was more chocolatey and if you have whipped cream at hand you can top that instead of that scoop of ice cream which I have topped. When my kids demand; I sometimes  drizzle chocolate sauce .... Oreo milkshake video tutorial Other recipes you may like: Mango Ice Cream Coffee Icecream Ginger Lime Squash Mango Squash Oreo Milkshake Recipe PREP TIME : 2 mins     |  AUTHOR:

Ginger Lime Squash Recipe

How to make ginger lime squash at home with step by step pictures. Homemade ginger-lime squash  is a healthy summer cooler made with lemon and ginger and best of all no preservatives or added additives . The light punch of ginger gives it a cooling flavor. Fresh ginger is a storehouse of antioxidants and minerals and lemon with lots and lots of Vitamin C; a healthy squash for your family especially for kids to beat the summer heat. My ammachi (moms mother) was a gentle lady and was a good cook; she never discards pineapple peel as she used to make pineapple peel wine with it . As a child I was amused by all this and being close to her and having spent many holidays with her, this ginger lime squash was something she used to make during summer holidays for us. I do not know from where she got the recipe and amma has been making this too for a long time; and I just followed the tradition Whenever I make it my kids expression will be like wow! amma! you rock! These are life

Instant Mango Pickle Recipe

Instant mango pickle recipe, how to make instant mango pickle. Instant mango pickle is so easy to make and in just under 10 minutes.  Summer is here to stay for another couple of months more and mangoes are in season. My son loves mango pickle and when he insisted on some to have with rice; I made this instant mango pickle. What I like about this pickle is the ease at which it can be made and the light crunchiness of the fresh mangoes. Usually, in Kerala this mango pickle is made for Onam sadhya or a marriage sadya, or for a simple feast. The grinded mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds gives it a nice punch and the gingelly oil gives it a unique flavor. A fat pinch of asofoietida or hing (kayam) make this pickle even more tasty and yum. Instant mango pickle video tutorial. Other Pickle Recipes: Kerala Lemon Pickle Amla Achar Bittergourd and Carrot Pickle Ginger Pickle Instant Mango Pickle Recipe PREP TIME : 5 mins     |  COOK TIME : 5 mins     |  AUT

Paneer Biriyani Recipe | How To Make Paneer Dum Biriyani

Paneer biriyani recipe, learn how to make easy paneer dum biriyani. During Lent, we abstain from meat until Easter; and during this 50 days I make a variety of vegetable dishes. This meatless Lent recipe  which has all the wonderful flavors of the whole spices and layered with paneer, rice, and spices. What I love about this paneer biriyani is that; once the paneer is marinated in curd/yogurt, you just have to cook the rice and fry the onions and then layer the paneer and rice and bake on top of a easy and so yummy! If you dont want to all this in a go, you can fry the onions earlier and store them in an airtight container, cook the rice and refrigerate, and marinate the paneer and refrigerate. When you plan to make the biriyani, just layer the rice and paneer and the spices and bake. You can also bake this in an oven and in a microwave, easy! I adapted this recipe from my Hyderabadi chicken biriyani and my family loved every single bite especially my ki

Garlic Breadsticks Recipe - How to Make Garlic Breadsticks

Garlic breadsticks recipe, learn how to make buttery garlic breadsticks with step by step tutorial. Garlic breadsticks or garlic bread are so easy to make and so buttery and yum. Many many moons ago; I made garlic rolls and my daughter, Nidhi loves them to them to bits and somewhere along; I forgot about them and so did Nidhi until yesterday. This garlic breadsticks recipe is never fail and using instant yeast makes it more easier. I made this plain as I wanted the good ole flavor of salted amul butter and garlic to come out. You can sprinkle some grated cheese inside if you prefer. The one thing I like about instant yeast is that there is no need for yeast proofing; but if you are using active yeast please read my post on how to proof yeast . These are buttery garlic bread is a perfect after school snack. How to make garlic breadsticks, step by step pictures. Warm about 3/4 cup of water (lukewarm). Add 1/4 cup of water into a large bowl and sprinkle 3/4 tsp o

Eggless Mango Cheesecake Recipe - No Bake Mango Cheese Cake

Mango cheese cake recipe, how to make eggless mango cheese cake (no bake) with step by step pictures. Mangoes are not in season; when my son had craving for mango cheesecake I had to make them. Remember some like back I shared how to freeze fresh mango pulp and I made this using frozen mango pulp. No bake eggless mango cheesecake is easy to make and yes you can make with fresh mango pulp too. I used paneer (cottage cheese) instead of cream cheese which is usually used to make cheesecake. The best part of this cheesecake is that there is no cooking involved; and you just have to blend the ingredients and set in fridge! yes, so easy!! The three layers are biscuit curmbs, cheese-mango mix and extra mango pulp on top...yum! I used marie biscuits, you can use graham crackers also. Pls refer this post where I have shown how to freeze mango pulp; once mango season sets it, freeze your mangoes. No bake mango cheesecake step by step method: I measured 1 cup mango pulp for the ch