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Marble Sheet Cake Recipe

I love marble cakes and I love sheet cakes even more; though I have posted marble cake earlier, I just could not resist sharing this gorgeous marble sheet cake, because this sheet cake is amazingly addictive.

Egg Paratha/Egg Roll

Egg paratha or egg roll is an easy, quick breakfast. Egg paratha is so easy to make if you have left over roti , some veggies and an egg. While growing up, I used to call it as egg roll, and amma used to packet it for lunch, she used to add chicken bits and cheese sometimes. I was one picky eater those days, and this way amma used to incorporate eggs and veggies in my diet...ahh! those were good old days..and terribly missing amma's food :(

Cheese Paratha

Simple and easy Cheese Paratha...Kids will love this simple cheese paratha. I am sooooo happy because this past week I was busy trying to put social networking icons or buttons on my blog and I finally did it! I have been seeing cute buttons on other blogs for sometime now and wanted one for my blog too, but really didn't know how I googled and googled,

Kerala Style Fish Mappas

Kerala style fish mappas or meen mappas is a Syrian Christian delicacy, also known as Kottayam style Meen Mappas wherein fish is cooked in creamy coconut milk with tomatoes. It is an excellent side dish and goes with puttu , appams , roti , and rice ; though I prefer to have it with puttu ....

Homemade Grape Squash/Grape Juice Recipe.

Homemade grape squash recipe, how to make grape squash. Grape squash is my treat for you today, I know most of you spend a lot of money on store-brought juices, love them and you just cannot say no right?? So today I am going to share my favorite squash; homemade grape squash-without any preservatives like sodium benzoate or color or even tonovin otherwise known as grape essence.... No artificial color, No essence, No preservatives, No citric acid... You might wonder how the juice got this much color without any artificial coloring right??? It is because there are different types of grapes; like as in, black grapes; there are sour ones, lighter color ones, sweeter ones, darker ones, seedless ones, and green ones. Not all grapes are suitable for squash, you have to ask the fruit vendor for the grapes which is specially used to make squashes or choose the sweeter and darker ones. I hope you got a closer look at the grapes that I used to make this squ

Butter Chicken Pizza.

Do you know which is the most popular recipe on my blog-Its Chicken Butter Masala. ...and my favorite chicken recipe......yes, I make it often as it goes perfect with roti, fried rice, methi pulav , gobi paratha . .... Butter Chicken Pizza is my Inidianized pizza could say that this is an Indo-Italian delight....hey, fusion food is the latest fad. This pizza is so easy to make with left over butter chicken gravy and a few pieces of chicken......with the cheesy topping....nobody could resist.....why go to pizza hut...when you can make healthy homemade ones?? I added dried Italian herbs to the pizza base ....and that gave a subtle Italian flavor with the Indian topping...this pizza was a huge hit with my family and neighbors....try will love me more, honestly :) So lets begin.. Please read my homemade pizza dough post if you are a beginner....or a new reader. Ingredients: Flour/Maida: 2- 21/2 cups. Instant yeast: 1 1/2 tsp. Warm water: 1

Green Diet Drink: Ash Gourd Punch.

2012. A year of new friends, hope and a renewed thankfulness for health, family, love, and blogging. Not only do i truly enjoy blogging  It is fulfilling me in a way I haven't found in any other area of my life. When you realize your passion, you gain a new responsibility, keeping it alive, feeding it, and sharing it with the world; though sometimes priorities like health issues, or lack of time come in the way.