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Atta Ladoo Recipe - Wheat ladoo Recipe

Atta ladoo or ladoo with wheat flour is a healthy Diwali sweet recipe; Atta laddu is also known as churma ladoo or laddu and can be prepared in just under 10 mins. The best thing I like about these wheat ladoo is that, you do not need to make a sugar syrup; which ofcourse might look a bit complicated for some and time consuming. If you are in a hurry and want to gift a really healthy homemade Indian sweet (mithai) for someone special; then this wheat ladoo should not be missed...its a must try! Most of us grew up on these during our childhood and I like to pass on that to my children; with a an energetic teenager at home, I have no other option but to stack up healthy snacks at home.... There are different ways/methods to make atta laddu; my recipe is a simple one and I have added a little bit roasted and powdered rawa and some chopped nuts and rasins; that does give an extra crunch. Over the years, I have perfect the recipe and yes, this ladoo recipe is a never fail one. S

Kerala Parotta Recipe - How To Make Malabar Wheat Parotta

Kerala wheat parotta or malabar wheat parotta is one of the most popular dish in restaurants across Kerala. Though porotta or parotta is made with maida or all purpose flour; Malabar wheat parotta is made with whole wheat/atta flour. I think, I first tasted wheat parotta at Paragon Hotel here in calicut many many eons ago and now almost all hotels in Malabar serves wheat parotta and sada parotta...ofcourse the health conscious ones always prefer wheat parotta. Now a days, you can find wheat parotta in Ernakulam and Trivandrum too....but then home cooked parotta speaks for itself and I thought I will share, how I make wheat parotta at home for my kids. There are different ways to make this parotta; like, I have seen some street vendors adding egg to the wheat flour and then knead, I have seen them using melted dalda/veg shortening instead of oil....but since I make this for my kids and wanted to make it as healthy as possible, I used oil. A word about the sugar added in this