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Jackfruit Roti Recipe - How To Make Jackfruit Roti - Diabetic Roti

Jackfruit roti recipe, learn how to make jackfruit roti; a perfect whole some diabetic diet meal. Jackfruit roti is made with raw jackfruit powder and whole wheat flour. The high fibre in raw mature jackfruit will help with constipation, bloating and the low glycemic index in the jackfruit flour make it a perfect meal replacement for diabetes. The high fibre in raw jackfruit gives a feeling of fullness and satiety and thus you wont feel hungry after a meal with jackfruit. Jackfruit flour is very low in calorie when compared to rice and wheat and the low GI helps in managing blood sugar levels. Traditionally in Kerala, raw jackfruit was had as a meal with some protein based curry like a fish curry or a meat curry. Chakka kuzhachathu or chakka puzhukku is a perfect filling diabetic friendly meal. I have made a detailed video on how to make jackfruit roti, pls do check the video to understand more.