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Green Chutney Buttermilk - Summer Weight Loss Diet Drink

green chutney buttermilk is a quick and easy summer weight loss diet drink. If you have some left over green chutney then this buttermilk is a must for summer. It cools down your body from the summer heat and keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time. buttermilk is a perfect weight loss drink to beat the summer heat and enriched with the goodness of green chutney, it is perfect for kids as well as adults. PS-if making for kids reduce the chilli. Himalayan pink salt helps to reduce water retention, so it is good choice over ordinary salt. You can make 2 batches of this and carry to work, and it will fit in your tote bag without spilling out. So I highly recommend an airtight mason jar, if you are planning to carry it to work. Shallots have many health benefits and in Kerala it is used widely in cooking and usually shallots are had raw in buttermilk. ingredients: 4 tbsp homemade curd 1- 1 1/2 tbsp green chutney (or as needed) 1 1/2 cups water Salt as needed 1 green chil

Poha Buttermilk - Weight Loss Diet Drink

poha buttermilk/aval buttermilk is a traditional and healthy and weight loss diet drink that will help you to lose and maintain weight. This diet drink is an excellent option to have as a mid morning, evening drink, or a bedtime drink. Poha buttermilk is low in calories and will make you feel fuller plus it is light on stomach and easy to digest. This aval weight loss buttermilk is good for those with health issues like thyroid, diabetes or pcos/pcos. The ingredients I am using in this buttermilk will help you to lose body fat, lowers cholesterol, and sugar levels. To make this poha diet drink, I am using the thick red variety of poha which is also known as aval, but you can use any variety you can get at the place you live in. Poha is one of the easily available and inexpensive food in India. video recipe of poha buttermilk Ingredients: poha/aval : 1 1/2 tbsp homemade curd: 1/4 cup or about 4 tbsp garlic: 1 clove ginger: 1/4 inch a handful of coriander leaves 1 s