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Moringa Roti Recipe - Moringa Flatbread - Moringa Recipes

moringa or the drumstick leaves are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The moringa tree is also known as "the miracle tree". Moringa leaves can be used to make a very healthy drink which will help to flush out bad toxins from your body. Since moringa is abundant here in Kerala I try to include it in my daily diet as much as possible. So, today I am sharing one of my favourite recipe with moringa leaves, moringa roti. Its easy to make and also the best way to get some goodness of moringa in your kids diet. Moringa leaves has a slight bitter taste and hence most kids are fussy when it comes to moringa. This can be had as diet roti for weight loss and slather it with some ghee and it will become a highly nutritious super food for your kids. Moringa is a natural remedy for pcos, thyroid and diabetes.

Peppers And Egg Sandwich Recipe - Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Peppers and egg sandwich is a quick, easy and healthy breakfast recipe, perfect for bachelors or if you are looking for some quick breakfast recipe on the go. The traditional peppers and egg sandwich has cheese and this one is without cheese, but with Italian herbs for added flavours. I will also give the video link to the peppers and egg sandwich with cheese. Hope you guys will try this quick and easy breakfast idea which is a also a filling meal. You can also pack this for lunch and I am sure kids will enjoy this as an after-school-snack too. Peppers and Egg Sandwich Without Cheese Peppers and Egg Sandwich with cheese