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Kerala Fish Fry - Meen Varuthathu Recipe

kerala fish fry, meen varuthathu is an everyday fish fry which is spicy and can be served with rice or as a snack. The fish is marinated in garcinia cambogia/malabar tamarind water along with the other ingredients and that make the fish super tasty. ingredients: ayakkoora/seer fish/king fish - 350 gms kudampuli/garcinia cambogia: 2 pieces water: 1/3 cup Kashmiri chilli powder: 2 tbsp salt: 1/2 tsp or as needed turmeric powder: 1/4 tsp black pepper powder: 1/4 tsp coconut oil: 2 tbsp curry leaves to garnish

Weight Loss Salad Recipe - Sweet Potato Salad

sweet potato-curd/yogurt-microgreens salad for weight loss, this oil free weight loss salad recipe is a filling low carb meal for lunch, helps to lose weight and also helps in weight management. The microgreens I used are red amaranth also known as garnet amaranth. They are high in Vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin K, Vitamin E. Microgreens provide more nutrition than mature leaves and hence eating them raw will give the best benefits. Salads are the best way to incorporate microgreens. Sweet potatoes are high in dietary fibre and hence helps to keep you feel fuller for a longer time. They are low in sodium, and also a good source of iron, calcium, B vitamins and Vitamin C. Incorporating this amazing root vegetable in your diet will help in weight loss as it is super nutrient dense and loaded with fibre. Curd also known as dahi in Hindi is rich in Vitamin D, calcium, pottassium, Zinc - helps to strengthen bone density. Homemade curd is the best way to provide your body with