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Marie Biscuit Pudding - No Bake - Eggless Biscuit Pudding

Marie biscuit pudding-Marie biscuit pudding is comfort dessert for me, it rich but eggless and no bake and that makes it my go-to easy biscuit pudding recipe. I practically grew up on this during my teen days and those days "cream" was not so available so we used to skip it and cream only with butter and sugar and sometimes when we (my brothers and I) used to make with "tiger biscuits" when we ran out of marie biscuits, my brothers like making with tiger biscuits than marie. Biscuit puddings are my favorite because they can be made easily and just a few hours of chilling they are good to eat! No baking needed, no eggs, easy peasy! Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year! Step By Step Tutorial: Refrigerate (overnight) a pack of Amul cream and open the packet and scoop out the thick cream (we do not want the whey, use it in curries). Dunk the thick cream into a  bowl. Add in 1 stick butter and whisk until light and fluffy. Add in 1 1/2 cups

Egg Biriyani Recipe - How To Make Egg Biriyani

Egg biriyani recipe-Egg biriyani or Anda biriyani is an easy one pot filling meal. For me Sunday is the ideal day for making biriyani. Let me tell you that it is so easy to make that it took under 1 hour to make. The best thing about biriyani is that you do not need any side dish; just pappad and curd would do wonders and if you have a bit of pickle...then you can call it a comfort meal. During my childhood, amma used to make egg biriyani in the morning for us to take to school ....fastforward I totally admire her now, I am a lazy bone when it comes to getting up in the morning and I always look for quick fixes in the mornings and a biriyani to take to school is out of question. Yes, my kids do coax and bribe me to make; and so what I do is I make the biriyani gravy  the night before and refrigerate and in the morn I just have to cook the rice, boil eggs,  and dum it...easy peasy! So, lets make egg biriyani the easy way! Step By Step Method: Serves: 4 Heat a pot with wat

Matar Paneer Recipe - Mutter Paneer Recipe

Matar panee r or mutter paneer is a simple everyday Punjabi dish and a very popular Indian dish. Matar paneer is best served with naan or roti. Punjabi matar paneer is so easy to make and it just takes under 20 minutes to prepare, matar (green peas) and paneer is simmered in onion-tomato gravy and for your easy understanding I have made a video tutorial. The best thing about this curry is it is so easy to make and even though it is an everyday dish; this has a slight restaurant feel. My kids love this with butter naan (recipe soon), and so very ideal when you have guests. Matar paneer can also be made with Tofu (soy paneer), Do check out Tofu manchurian  Recipe Instead of step by step tutorial I made a video and I hope you will like it and please take a moment to subscribe to my you tube channel. (thanks!) Other recipes you may like: Tandoori Roti: Chapathi/Roti: Precooked Roti: Paneer Bhurji: Paneer Pulav: Paneer Butter Masala: Matar Paneer Recipe - Mutter

Rice Wine Recipe - How To Make Homemade Rice Wine

Rice wine recipe, homemade rice wine for Christmas.  Making wine at home brings in a festive mood, though I do make wine at home often I have not posted other than the pineapple peel wine .  Rice wine is easy to make and even a novice cook can make this easy homemade wine. Rice wine was the first wine I attempted to make after our marriage and it was so perfect that I was so happy with the result.  You do not need any fancy expensive rice for this wine; just simple plain white rice is needed. The other main ingredient is the black raisin with seeds (the one in the picture). I do not know why, but this wine can only be made with black raisins, not the lighter colored seedless one. I usually use a ceramic jar or bharani to make wine, you just have to mix all the ingredients in the "bharani", so easy! You will get about 4 bottles of wine, enjoy! Rice Wine Recipe - How To Homemade Make Rice Wine PREP TIME : 1 mins     |  COOK TIME : 1 mins     |  AUTHO

Tofu Manchurian Recipe - Paneer Manchurian

Tofu (paneer) manchurian recipe; paneer manchurian is a popular Indo-Chinese dish and I make it often at home. Tofu, is an healthy alternative to paneer and is cholesterol free, also rich in protein. I had shared tofu masala curry earlier and when I made this for dinner, I badly wanted to share this with you. It is easy to make and can be served with fried rice or roti. Now, the fun part....while making this I had an absolute crazy idea of taking a video, yes you can call me crazy because that means I have to cook with one hand and shoot with the other (no, I do not have a tripod). And yes, even though it is shaky and amateurish I manage to shoot one (yeah!). Here is the video, my bleak attempt at video-graphing.... Tofu Manchurian Recipe - Paneer Manchurian PREP TIME : 5 mins     |  COOK TIME : 10 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Tofu: 250 gms Onion: 2 small, quatered Capsicum: 1/2, quatered Ginger: 1 inch, chopped Garlic Cl

Meatball Curry Recipe - How To Make Indian Meatball Curry

Meatball curry recipe : Kerala style easy meatball curry or kofta curry is a popular Syrian Christian dish, made mostly during the festival seasons; Christmas and Easter. Minced meatballs are simmered in coconut milk-tomato gravy; which gives its unique taste and flavor. I know, most of you will thick making meatballs are trouble some; but I am showing you how easily with minimal oil you can make them. Most recipes on the internet calls for the meatballs to be lightly fried which is not done here in my recipe. This meatball curry is again passed down from my late grandmother and she used to make it during Christmas or on some special occasions. As a child, when amma makes meatball curry; we knew Christmas is coming or some important person is visiting us. I used to have fun helping amma rolling the balls tightly. When I had some guests for dinner; I thought of making ammas meatball curry and was so happy to see their satisfied faces. I am sure, you will also make someone hap

Pineapple Sheet Cake Recipe With Pineapple Buttercream (No Oil Or Butter)

Pineapple sheet cake recipe ; Can you believe that this pineapple cake does not have any oil or butter but fresh pineapple and cashewnuts. This pineapple cake is so moist and topped with fresh pineapple buttercream frosting makes it all the more special and welcoming Christmas. Always a crowd puller, this pineapple cake is Homey's favorite and he calls it his "guilt-free" cake. The cake has a very tropical, very sunny. The pineapple flavor is intensified with the addition of vanilla extract. Pineapples are in season during Christmas time and I like using fresh pineapple in my puddings and cakes ( pineapple upside down cake ) . This cake is very moist; almost pudding-like and it taste best chilled. Homey says it taste even better the next day, chilled. The buttercream is so out of the world with fresh pineapple juice added and yes, you got to try this for sure, at least for Christmas. Adapted slightly from here Step by step method: Preheat Oven to 18

Kappa Kuzhachathu - Kappa Vevichathu (Mashed And Seasoned Tapioca)

Kappa kuzhachathu or Kappa vevichathu is mashed and seasoned tapioca; literally a Malayalee favorite. Kappa kuzhachathu also known as kappa curry is best served with nadan meen curry is one of the best Kerala dishes. Kappa or tapioca is a favorite of mine and though sometimes, I prefer puzhungiya kappa or boiled tapioca served with green chilli chutney. Food does bring in good memories and this one especially bought memories of my mother-in-law, who passed away last week. It is when someone close to you passes away, you truly miss them and feel the void they have created. I have shared here some of her recipes like the quick bhatura , bharwan karela , lemon pickle etc. Incidentally, when I was browsing my food pictures, and saw the step by step pictures of this recipe; I felt I missed having her at home. It was she who chopped the raw tapioca so very beautifully and I simply clicked and thought of sharing it some time, and never imagined that she will be gone so soon.