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Oil Free Chicken Fry Recipe - Zero Oil Chicken Roast

Oil free chicken fry roast recipe. This zero oil chicken fry is cooked in coconut milk without any extra added oil. A 100% oil free chicken recipe for the health conscious. The whole process is detailed in my video including making homemade garam masala, grinding fresh masala gives a nice flavour to the chicken roast. This is one oil free chicken recipe that you can enjoy without any guilt. I know I am not consistent in posting recipes here on my blog and imagine its been 8 long years since I started this small place of mine and its always a joy to share recipes with you. I am a little more active on my Youtube channel, so feel free to check my channel "Skinny Recipes" on Youtube. This chicken is cooked in coconut milk and roasted with freshly ground spices and can be paired with rice, roti, appam or even with puttu . How to make oil free chicken roast Ingredients: Chicken with bones (bone-in chicken): 900 gms for the garam masala: 1/2 tsp saunf 1/4 tsp jeera

Almond Milk Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate recipe, learn how to make dairy free vegan hot chocolate. This almond milk hot chocolate is easy to make if you have some soaked almonds. Soaking the almonds is highly necessary to help assimilate the nutrients. The best part is you are actually making fresh almond milk to make this hot chocolate. So, if you have allergy to dairy milk then this delicious almond milk hot chocolate is the perfect guilt free treat, plus it is sugar free!