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Quick Milk Pudding (No bake and eggless)...step by step

**********Quick Milk Pudding is something which I grew up on from teenage to easy eggless no bake milk pudding topped with chocolate sauce and praline for that extra crunch ************ Winning always calls up on celebrations and if it is with top honors then you feel you are BLESSED and that's what my daughter, Nidhi tells me.... that "she is blessed" after securing A1 in all the subjects for her 10th CBSE Examination, with a result of 10/10 is a great achievement for her and for us parents.....we truly are blessed. Nidhi loves this easy and quick milk pudding; which I often make for her, and to celebrate her success, I am sharing this awesome pudding with you....which is so easy to make if you have a can of sweetened condensed milk in your pantry, along with homemade  chocolate sauce , and praline crunch easy pudding to surprise the family......perfect for summer. This eggless pudding can be made with just 3 ingredients; condensed milk,

How To Make Praline...step by step

How to make praline easily is what I learned sometime back, and I thought it is high time I shared this with you. What is praline?? it is a sweet substance made by boiling nuts in sugar and grinding the mixture or a semi crisp candy made by the same process. This is usually used to top ice-creams , puddings, or milk shakes for the extra has a butterscotch  caramel flavor. Sprinkling praline on puddings gives it a nice can store this in the fridge and top it in just about everything.....and it so easy to make. Also, you can use any nuts like cashewnuts (which is my personal favorite), almonds, hazelnuts.... I topped this milk pudding with praline for that extra crunch. This is my way of making praline; no nonstick pan or butter paper, no mess or fuss......but super easy. Author: Nisa Homey. Ingredients: Sugar: 1 cup. Butter: 1 tsp. Cashewnuts: 1/4 cup chopped. 1 aluminum foil (disposable) container. Method: Butter (about 1/4 tsp)

Uzhunnu Vada/Deep Fried Lentil Fritters...step by step

Uzhunnu vada is a favorite tea time snack of be a bit more is THE most popular deep fried snack of South India.....which is gaining popularity in North too. Most "chayakada" (small roadside tea shop) or "thattukada" boasts of "uzhunnu vada" and  " parippuvada ".....these two are munched with a cup of tea or coffee. Traditionally Uzhunnu vada is a deep fried snack; made with soaked and grounded "urad dal" or black lentil  with some chopped shallots, curry leaves, minced green chilies etc thrown in......the grounded smooth and thick batter is scooped into your palm and a depression or hole is made in the middle with a finger dipped in water......thus with a hole in the middle, it will look like golden doughnuts, but since I am not an expert in that; I always spoon the batter into oil....resulting in bite sized crunchy vadas....and yes the crunchy effect is got by adding 2 tbsp of rice flour. I ma

Kerala Style Irumban Puli Meen Curry....step by step.

Irumban puli-itta-meen-curry a.k.a fish cooked with  Averrhoa bilimbi    in fresh coconut gravy, is a typical South Kerala dish. Fish is cooked with irumban puli for sourness instead of tomatoes or kudampuli and freshly scraped coconut is grinded into a paste and mixed into the curry, the fish is cooked in this coconut gravy with a bunch of curry leaves and lastly drizzled with coconut oil. A mildly spiced curry, an every day curry from down South, Thiruvanathapuram, the city I lived 23 years of my life. I had a brief visit to my parents home sometime back; most backyards of kerala houses boasts of one bilimbi  tree at least and so does my parents backyard. Amma makes this special meen curry and  pickle  with this puli, though I love to have this raw dipped in salt.....a favorite childhood snack during summer. Recipe Source: Amma. Ingredients: Fish: 250-300 gms. Iruban puli: A handful, chopped or slit.(or you can use 3 tomatoes). Green Chilies: 2 or 3. Turmeric p

Egg-in-a-Hole....step by step.

Egg in a hole, or Toad in a hole is a treat for kids. Its a kid friendly meal and perfect for fussy little ones. I started making this for my son since he was a toddler and even now he enjoys seeing the egg cooked inside the bread. Sometimes kids can be a little fussy around eggs, I used to include my son also when I am making this. The dish is bread with an egg in the center, prepared by cutting a circular or square hole in the center of a piece of bread. You just need a bread slice, egg, and a cookie cutter or anything like a steel glass to cut the bread, preferably about 2-inch hole. The bread is placed on a hot pan drizzled with butter or oil and you just have to crack (carefully) an egg into the hole, sprinkle salt and pepper.....if you would like you can flip the bread over, since my son fancy the runny yolk....I am serving sunny side up. Ingredients : Bread: 1 slice. Egg: 1. Butter or oil: 1 tsp or maybe a little more. Salt and pepper: As needed. Method: Cut the