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Top 10 Recipes Of 2013

A collection of top 10 recipes of 2013! 2013 is coming to an end!! Really!! When did that happened!! it just went by so quickly!! It must be the same for you too, right??   I mean, as I sat writing this post, I just cant believe that a whole year just passed by....and last year this time, we went to Hyderabad, okay! that reminds me ....a holiday is in due...its been a year since I had one...I mean a real holiday!!  Its the time to reflect on the year that went by and also to make new resolutions to receive the coming year. Well, talking about resolutions,  I have a weak bone around them...I make them with so much intense inner strength....but they just blow away as soon as January breeze hits them!! Its also the time to say THANK YOU!! to all of you, who stopped by my little space, encouraged and inspired me with your lovely comments here on the blog or on facebook or through mail...each one is special to me, and I feel so blessed to have you all!! Thank you!! This post is

Mazhavil Manorama (Vanitha) Cookery Show

I did a show for Mazhavil Manorama last month, and thought I will share two of the recipes I did for the show,  chicken strips recipe  and  schezwan masala dosa . The recipes are already in the blog ,  thought I will share the videos which they had uploaded on you tube. This is the first time, I am doing something like this and I hope my inexperience will be excused, and yes! I was a bit shy to face the camera :) I hope you will like it! Chicken Strips Recipe, quick and easy way to make crunchy chicken strips. The best thing about this recipe is you can make ahead and freeze/refrigerate this...and fry when needed!! A winner with kids and adults alike Chicken Strips Recipe                                    Schezwan Masala Dosa, a quick masala dosa with a Chinese twist. This is Nidhi's favorite and I make it often at home,  she loves to have it with homemade tomato sauce  , try it!! sure will be a hit with kids! Schezwan Masala Dosa  

Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken

Chinese Chicken Spring Rolls  is one of my favorite Chinese snack, crispy and crunchy yet so juicy and loaded with so much flavors. Christmas day was so special for us, I was given day off from my hubby and kids, day off from kitchen!! though I did make some specials for Christmas eve, which everybody happily gobbled up....but on  Christmas day, the three of them declared......Kitchen closed- for Christmas!! So I was pampered the whole day by the three love of my life ....... Homey was on official tour for about a week and he flew in on Christmas eve and again he had another official engagements on 26th, so he came down to be with us for Christmas, thoroughly jet-lagged....but I was glad he could make it home for Christmas, I had made some of his favorite food for Christmas, but we had most of them for Christmas it midnight snacking....I mean after midnight mass, you get kind of really We went out for lunch on Christmas day, and enjoyed it so muc

Coconut Shrimp Recipe / Kerala Style

Coconut Shrimp  is a crunchy and quick fried shrimp with coconut flavor. Its coated with coconut and breadcrumbs, thus making it crunchy and crispy outside and juicy and tender inside....a very mildly spiced fried shrimp.

Pizza Bread

Pizza Bread??  really?? yes, pizza bread or I named it pizza bread! My quick and easy bread made with pizza dough and a few dried herbs thrown in made this super yummy and flavorful.

My Favorite Christmas Menu

Christmas day is a day for homemade food. Families get together, travel from far and near to be together and most Keralites love to spend the day with their loved ones. I am listing out my favorite Christmas day menu for you.... The menu I am listing here is a typical Kerala Menu, and mostly non-vegetarian but very traditional menu. While growing up Christmas day was filled with fun and laughter, since schools have a 10 day break, we cousins always come together and enjoyed the holidays, not to mention the Christmas Carols from the Kerala, a group from the church will go door-to-door singing carols and we also used to have a Santa along with us....oh! those were good old days!!. Breakfast: Appam and Chicken Stew : One of my favorite combination. Kerala Puttu and Meen Mappas. : A combination that I grew up on. Bread and Fish Molly : One of the quickest breakfast and very traditional. Appetizers: Beef Cutlets : Typical homemade Kerala style Cutlets from scr

Christmas Sweets

Christmas is the time of the year for baking, with holidays around the corner, things can be a bit hectic. Most people love to buy from bakeries which ofcourse is loaded with fruit cake, cookies, and much more at this time of the year, even I would love that indulgence once in a while. But nothing beats the excitement and love that comes from receiving a gift box loaded with cakes, cookies, and other yummy treats....

Nadan Chicken Roast (Kerala Style)

Kerala Chicken Roast or Nadan Chicken Roast is a pan roasted chicken fry with very little oil. The spices is blended and rub over the chicken and slow roasted in coconut oil...and lastly garnished with fresh curry leaves. The best thing about this chicken roast or kozhi roast is that, you do not marinate and keep for a long time, as it is slow roasted the marination will seep in, so this is an easy and quick dish. You really do not need any preparation, just gather all the ingredients blend and quick and easy!! The ingredients for the marination are blended in a mixie or blender and rubbed on to the raw chicken, which is then slow roasted. The chicken are so well coated with spices and it is tender and juicy. I would suggest a nonstick pan or a cast iron skillet, I used the former....and I just used about 1 tbsp of oil to roast! for calorie conscious people! I used 500 gm chicken and had to make it in two batches, and I used just about 1-2 tbsp of oil a

Rum and Raisin Chocolate Bark / Christmas Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark with rum soaked dry fruits  is one of my favorite Christmas treat!. Christmas, chocolate, and dry fruits = Yum!! Chocolate bark is easy and quick to make, I love its cracked look studded with rum soaked dry fruits, and yes the rum soaked dry fruits gives it a Christmas feel to the bark and one of the quickest chocolate treat. Chocolate bark is actually a sheet of chocolate that is usually covered with nuts, dried fruits, candies, peppermint candy, oreos, crushed biscuits...etc are thrown over the melted chocolate. It is broken into uneven sizes to share. It is said that it resembles rough pieces of tree bark. Chocolate bark can be made with any chocolate, white or dark, or both!! The most popular one is almond bark, where slivered almonds are topped over the melted chocolate. Since I had some left over rum soaked dry fruits, I used it to sprinkle on top of the melted chocolate, and yes!! the subtle alcohol in the dry fruits makes it an awesome Christmas treat.