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Avocado Sandwich Recipe

  Avocado sandwich recipe is a healthy sandwich which you can include in your weight loss journey. Its easy to make and takes just under 10 mins to prepare. No cooking needed! Hence, ideal for students and bachelors. Avocado or butterfruit is a good source of healthy fats, magnesium and many other vital nutrients. I am blessed to get fresh local variety of avocados during this season. It was during our honeymoon that I first came across Avocado; we were driving from Kodaikanal to Bodinayakkanur to Munnar which was the place my husband was working at that time. Enroute we stopped at a road side shop and that was when my husband asked me whether I have seen butter fruit. Incidentally, the place we stopped had a harvest and it was butter fruit every where. That was my first encounter with Avocado and then later on while living in Mercara, Coorg; I had the occasion of enjoying them even more.  This sandwich filling is similar to the Mexican guacamole and is one of my husband's favourit

Bulletproof Cocoa Recipe - How To Make Bulletproof Cocoa - Weight Loss Keto Recipes

  Bulletproof cocoa is one of my favourite ways to get some #fatfirst in the morning. I am a chocolate lover and this bulletproof cocoa is divine and it helps me enjoy my fat first in the morning. Having a good source of healthy fat helps in hormonal health, gut health, weight loss, satiety, and prevents sugar cravings. I am a big fan of Dave Aspery and though his bulletproof recipe is way too calorie dense for me, I developed this version to suit my taste and preference.  I did try Dave's full on bulletproof recipe but that kept me off my breakfast and it is way too calorie dense for me.  I mean, I want to enjoy breakfast!! hence I created this bulletproof cocoa which is just right for me. But, if you prefer you can increase the amount of fat to up to 15 or 20 gms and skip breakfast. I do this when I am travelling, I use 20 -25 gms of fat and that keeps me full till lunch time and I can forgo breakfast when on the go. Another thing which I really like about bulletproof is that it