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Spirulina Smoothie Recipe - Vegan Oats Recipes

Spirulina smoothie recipe, spirulina oats apple smoothie is a healthy vegan breakfast for those busy mornings. Its full of fibre, nutrients and the healthy fats helps to assimilate fat soluble vitamins faster into your body. Super healthy and nutrient dense.

Spirunila is an algae and is a good source of B vitamins, iron, and calcium. Its an ideal wholesome breakfast meal in your weight loss journey. Its a great option to include spirulina in your diet as it will help to get all the much needed vitamins and minerals you may be missing out in your fast paced lifestyle.

3 tbsp rolled oats
12 almonds
1 glass/cup of water
Juice of two oranges
1 tbsp flaxseeds
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp spirulina
1 chopped apple
Extra chia seeds for topping.

Bajra Chilla Recipe - Gluten Free - Millet Recipes For Weight Loss

Bajra chilla recipe, how to make instant bajra chilla, millet recipes for weight loss. Healthy instant bajra chilla is a filling and nutrient dense meal for breakfast lunch or dinner. Its a filling and satiating meal to include in your weight loss journey. Its super easy to make and takes just under 10 mins. You can easily make this in those busy mornings and carry this as a lunch box meal and it stays soft too.

Bajra also known as pearl millet and kambu in Malayalam is a millet and including whole grains in your diet helps to keep you fuller for a longer time as it is rich in fibre and other vitamins and nutrients.  When using traditional grains like millets make sure you use a healthy fat like desi ghee or wood pressed oils to help the fat soluble vitamins absorb faster into your body.

Millets are being promoted as nutri cereals by the Govt. Of India. Studies has shown that it plays an active role in weight loss, immunity boosting, managing diabetes etc. Millets are gluten free and…

Makai Ka Cheela Recipe - Gluten Free Breakfast

This gluten free instant makai ka cheela recipe is perfect for those who are looking for gluten free recipes. Makki or makkai chilla can be made instantly as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also make this as a quick healthy after school meal for kids.

This chilla will stay soft and is more or less like a soft roti, hence it can be carried to work as a lunch box meal and takes just under 10 minutes to make this super healthy and nutrient dense meal. You can enjoy this with pickle or any side dish of your choice.

The ingredients in this meal makes it super healthy and nutrient dense. Feel free to watch the full video to understand more about the ingredients I am using and its health benefits.

1 cup makai atta (cornmeal)
Shallots: 4-5
Garlic: 3-4
Ginger: 1/4 inch
Green chilli: 1
Curry leaves: 3 sprigs
Ajwain: 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp
Black pepper powder: 1/4 tsp
Pink Himalayan Salt as needed
Kashmiri chilli powder: 1/2 tsp
Chopped coriander leaves
Water: 1/2 …

Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

How to make vegan hot chocolate, hot chocolate recipe without milk. This quick and easy hot chocolate made with cocoa powder is easy to make in hostel and takes just under 5 mins to make plus it is super healthy. No refined sugar, no milk and its completely vegan and dairy free.

This quick healthy vegan hot chocolate is creamy and super yum. Those with dairy intolerance or those who are advised not to take milk can enjoy this super tasty hot chocolate.

1 satchel of natural almond milk
150 ml water
2 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tbsp coco powder
A pinch of cinnamon and cocoa powder

Bulletproof Coffee - Ghee Coffee Recipe For Weight Loss

Bulletproof coffee recipe, how to make bulletproof coffee also known as keto coffee, ghee coffee, coconut coffee, butter coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a low carb coffee made with brewed coffee and a source of healthy fat. It can be had as a pre workout energy boost or as a weight loss coffee, Its a great way to boost energy and fat burning abilities in the morning. Its popular with people following a high fat low carb diet.

Bulletproof coffee is to be drunk preferably on an empty stomach as it helps to increase energy and endurance, hence some people prefer to have it before workout. Bulletproof coffee also helps to boost your metabolism, suppress appetite and reduce inflammation.

Its important that you use organic desi ghee or virgin coconut oil. Healthy fats helps to assimilate fat soluble vitamins. So make sure you source the best healthy fat.

Do watch my video for the full recipe.

Missi Roti With Leftover Wheat Roti

Missi roti recipe with leftover whole wheat roti. You can call this a high protein paratha or eggless egg roti or besan roti and it is one of the best high protein breakfast you can make in those busy mornings without eggs and with left over whole wheat roti. Its perfect for vegetarians and for vegans. This filling breakfast can be enjoyed by the whole family and ideal for lunch boxes.

I prefer to use khapli wheat these days as it has a very weak gluten molecule. Khapli wheat is an ancient variety of wheat grain and has very less gluten when compared to modern processed wheat. It has more fibre, protein and other natural nutrients. Its perfect for those with pcos, diabetes and thyroid (those with celiac disease must avoid).

Do check this video to understand more about khapli wheat

Coming back to the high protein missi roti breakfast. Its super easy to make and can be made in just under 10 minutes. Bachelors and hostel students can make a filling breakfast in under 10 mins.
Those on a…

Oats Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Oats smoothie recipe for weight loss, vegan oats smoothie is a filling and nutrient dense breakfast smoothie which can be included in your weight loss journey. This breakfast smoothie will help to keep you feel fuller for a longer time. A quick and easy smoothie in those busy mornings, especially busy working women. This vegan oats smoothie is dairy free and gluten free, made with healthy natural fats. Healthy fats should be included in your meals for better nutrient absorption; which sadly many of us do not give much importance. Those with health issues like thyroid, pcos, diabetes or if you simply want to lose weight, this smoothie is a great filling quick breakfast.

Do watch my YouTube video for the full recipe

A healthy and filling breakfast is a must to start your day! Bachelors and hostel students can enjoy this quick breakfast smoothie with oatmeal.