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Cauliflower/Gobi Paratha....step by step

Cauliflower/Gobi Paratha is one of my family's favorite, and so one of the dish I make often; usually for dinner. Those of you who are regular here knows that I hate complicated cooking, I get turned off if I see lots of ingredients in the recipe, for me cooking should be easy and fun.... I mean I hate to run around for ingredients that is not available in my pantry.....(Oh yeah I stock up on Indian, Chinese, and Italian seasonings, baking stuffs; I hate to run out of my essentials). I do not fancy store brought stuffs, and that applies to the basics like wheat flour, rice flour, chilly powder, coriander powder, garam masala etc. I hate to buy wheat flour packed with all the preservatives, why go for it when you can make it at home; our grandmothers and moms were doing why cant it because of our laziness  busy schedule??.  I buy wheat from the market, wash and clean it and put it on a strainer for 20 min, then sundry it and give it to the local mill to powde

Sari/Saree!!!.....Screen Printing!

My blog is featured on the Foodie Blogroll: Featured Blogs for April 27, 2012....YAY!!! Check out This is the first time my blog is being featured on Foodie Blogroll's weekly Featured Blogs Page. This is making me so excited and happy and I definitely need to share something with you guys..... This post is all about sarees . ..for a change...just sarees... The story is that three weeks back enroute to Trivandrum, we visited my amma's elder sister....after a 2 year gap. I noticed lots of sarees neatly printed...and ready to be delivered. My aunt has designed and printed them right in her home. I could not help not clicking some shots...wrapped them on Nidhi. Just wanted to show my friends how artistically and creatively she designed the sarees and transformed a plain saree into beautiful one. Hope you all will like this. This one is done on a plain  kasavu saree or Kerala saree (see the g

Koorka Mezhukkupuratti/Spiced Slow Fried Chinese Potatoes.

The past 3 weeks was filled with lots of happy moments and fun filled holidays for the kids...meeting grandparents, uncles, aunts...and playing 24/7 with cousins......whilst summer at its peak. Travelling from North Kerala to South Kerala was an adventure for kids. Nidhi clicked some pictures from the train which I am sharing here. Enchanting coconut grooves, beautiful lakes, home....Kerala.. Plus a graffiti of our superstar, Mohanlal (someone drew this on the train). Also introducing my youngest niece Now back to cooking.....koorka or Chinese potato is available during the winter months in Kerala. Though it is very difficult to clean.....its unique taste makes you forget the difficult cleaning part. The best way is to put it in an used or old sack and just punch the sack into a hard surface resulting in the skin coming loose thus making it easier to clean. This can be used in sambar, avial etc. I can live on this entirely....I don't r