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Bulletproof Coffee - Ghee Coffee Recipe For Weight Loss

Bulletproof coffee recipe, how to make bulletproof coffee also known as keto coffee, ghee coffee, coconut coffee, butter coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a low carb coffee made with brewed coffee and a source of healthy fat. It can be had as a pre workout energy boost or as a weight loss coffee, Its a great way to boost energy and fat burning abilities in the morning. Its popular with people following a high fat low carb diet. Bulletproof coffee is to be drunk preferably on an empty stomach as it helps to increase energy and endurance, hence some people prefer to have it before workout. Bulletproof coffee also helps to boost your metabolism, suppress appetite and reduce inflammation. Its important that you use organic desi ghee or virgin coconut oil. Healthy fats helps to assimilate fat soluble vitamins. So make sure you source the best healthy fat. Do watch my video for the full recipe.