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Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe - Kerala Plum Cake Recipe - Kerala Recipes

Kerala christmas fruit cake recipe; this easy fruit cake is alcohol free and is also known as boiled fruit cake. Kerala plum cake is usually made with soaking soaking dry fruits in alcohol (rum) for weeks, but this fruit cake is alcohol free and almost instant fruit cake. Christmas is just around the corner and during Christmas time, the bakeries in Kerala will be full of fruit cakes; why not try this bakery style Kerala fruit cake. Caramel syrup is the reason for the rich dark deep brown color and I have shown it very clearly in the video and I hope it will help you. I have posted another fruit cake recipe ; which has alcohol and also how to soak dry fruits in alcohol , you can take a look at them too.  Back in December 2011, I shared a boiled fruit cake recipe and this easy fruit cake is adapted from it. Over the years I have made fruit cake countless times and have perfect it and I found that adding rich caramel syrup gives a dark color to the cake. Kerala fruit cake vi

Pidiyum Kozhiyum Recipe - How To Make Kerala Style Kozhi Pidi - Kerala Recipes

Pidiyum kozhiyum or kottayam style pidi is a traditional knanaya cuisine ; these rice dumpling have a thick gravy like sauce, unlike the dry versions of Malabar kakka roti or kozhi pidi. Knanaya style pidi is served with varutharacha kozhi curry. Traditionally, pidi is associated with baby shower ie when the daughter-in-law is sent to her parents house for delivery, it is customary for the mother-in-law to make kozhi pidi and we knanaya people still follow these traditions. My main aim is to preserve this recipe; so that the future generations can enjoy this wholesome dish. Pidi is rice dumplings which is simmered in water along with shallots, garlic, curry leaves, and coriander seeds; but I have used coriander powder instead to make the whole process easy. Amma mentioned that if using coriander seeds then; the water used to mix the rice flour should be sieved and that using fresh roasted coriander powder saves time. I have made a video recipe and I hope this you help

Varutharacha Kozhi Curry Recipe - How To Make Varutharacha Chicken Curry

Varutharacha kozhi curry is a traditional chicken recipe from Kerala and is popular among the Knanaya Christians of Kerala. This kottayam chicken curry is best served with Kerala appam or pidi (steamed rice dumplings). Pidi and kozhi curry is usually made for Christmas or Easter. I will be posting the recipe of traditional Knanaya Christian's "kozhi pidi" next which is a bit different from the usual pidi recipes. The recipe is from my octogenarian aunt, Sunny; whom I always turn for traditional recipes and her recipes never fail. Okay! back to varutharacha chicken curry...varutharacha means roasted and here, the coconut is roasted and grinded and then added to the cooked chicken....thus you get the thick brown gravy. I have made this recipe as simple and easy as possible; so that all the novice cooks and bachelors can give this traditional dish a try. Video Recipe of Varutharacha Chicken Curry. Other Recipes: Kerala Appam Recipe Kerala Ch

How To Make Fish Cutlets (Kerala Style)

Kerala style fish cutlets is an easy and quick appetizer or snack for kids and adults alike. Cutlets are great party appetizers and refrigerator friendly; meaning, you can store some breaded cutlets and fry them up when needed. My kids love cutlets and when they were toddlers; cutlets were a huge favorite... vegetable cutlets was another way to trick them into having more vegetables; especially, Nidhi...who, as a toddler was a fuzzy eater. I used ayala or mackerel to make cutlets but then you can use any fleshy fish...though I have not tried with sardine or mathi...tuna is also excellent to make cutlets with. Video recipe on how to make fish cutlets . How To Make Fish Cutlets (Kerala Style) PREP TIME : 15 mins     |  COOK TIME : 15 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Mackeral/Ayala: 3 (250 gms) Turmeric: 1/4 tsp Pepper powder: 1/2 tsp Vinegar: 1 tsp Salt: 1/2 tsp Water: 3-4 tbsp Boiled potatoes: 3 (250 gms) Onion: 1 (medium -

How To Make Papada Vada

Papada vada  is a quick and easy tea time snack from Kerala. Papad is dipped in a rice batter and deep fried; this snack can be stored in an air tight container for up to a week. Papada vada and chai is one of the best tea time combinations. I made this as an after school snack for my son; a pack of papad caught my attention and suddenly, thought of this traditional snack and made it. You can make the batter in two ways; one is soaking the white rice and grinding it to a paste and the other one is using rice flour and making it into a batter with water. Papada vada video recipe Other Snack Recipes: Ulli Vada/Onion Pakoda Uzhunnu Vada Parippu Vada How To Make Papada Vada PREP TIME : 10 mins     |  COOK TIME : 10 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Papad: 30 Raw rice: 1 cup Turmeric: 1/2 tsp Salt: 1/2 tsp Kayam: 1/4 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder: 1 1/2 to 2 tsp Jeera: 1 tsp Black seasame seeds: 1 tbsp Water as needed   M

Instant Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe

Instant bread gulab jamun is one the easiest Diwali sweets I love to make and it takes just 20 minutes to make this bread gulab jamun.  These bread gulab jamuns are super soft and yum and perfect treat to surprise your loved ones this Diwali. The method I have showed is by blending the bread in mixie and making it into breadcrumbs and then make it into a soft dough by adding little milk. You can also make without using a mixie or blender; you just have to crumble/tear the bread slices into a bowl; but make sure you have trimmed of the sides/edges of the bread. But, if you are blending it in a blender there is no need to trim off the edges/sides and for that reason; I prefer making it into breadcrumbs and then make the jamuns. I like the subtle flavor of saffron and hence I used them; but that is entirely optional...freshly ground cardamon seeds are a must :) A couple of drops of rose essence would definitely perfect the taste and flavor; unfortunately, I did not have, but if y

Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Chocolate chunk cookies , ya! you heard me right! these are the yummiest chocolate chunk cookies (not chocolate chips cookies ) I have ever made! So crispy and so soft and so very know what I mean, a bite into this is like having a chocolate explosion with all the chocolate chunks in it...YUM! is the only word I can think of now. You can also use chocolate chips instead of chocolate chunks; but do give it a try with chocolate chunks as its more chocolatey and goeey! I made these a little large and used my ice cream scoop, to make things easier; but if you like smaller cookies, you can simply roll into small balls and place them on the prepared tray and the result will be flatter and thinner (crispy). I have been a little away from posting new recipes here; due to health reasons and by the grace of God, I am well and praising Lord each and every second. So, back to the cookies...these are yummy, chocolatey, gooey!! Learn to make chocolate chunk cookies