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How to make Mini Bitesize Samosa with Samosa Wrappers

Mini Samosa or Bite-size samosa is a perfect starter, the best thing is you can make these mini samosas with ready made samosa wrappers. It is so small and teeny weeny, and its cute and pretty looking...its something like what cupcakes are to just do not have to share it!!....this tiny little samosa is all yours! kids will love it as a starter for birthday parties....and I am sure adults would no keep their hands away from them too...because it is bite size, they are so very crunchy and crisp! I love to make samosa from scratch and one of my favorite is kerala beef samosa and if you are calorie conscious, then you should try my baked vegetable samosa. But this one is a bit different as it is Mini or Bitesize; its my aunt, Shoney who taught me this method of making  mini samosa with ready-made samosa wrappers.  Here, I just filled it with some beef keema though you can use any filling of your choice. Before posting this, I did a google search to se

Easy Vegetable Biriyani In Pressure Cooker

Vegetable biriyani can be made easily in a pressure cooker...its a quick and healthy one pot meal. I love to cook in pressure cooker as it saves time and gives a healthy and quick meal.   It was back in 2010 that I posted pressure cooker chicken biriyani   and it slowly gained popularity. I learned to make biriyani in pressure cooker in the late 90s and I have made so many varieties of pulav and biriyani in pressure the mushroom pulav , spinach-channa pulav , easy vegetable pulav , soya chunks-green peas pulav , spinach rice , coconut rice ,  and carrot rice to name a few. I love the ease at which a meal can be prepared in about 30-35 minutes. The rule here is do not put the weight on the hob of the cooker....once the lid is closed, wait for the steam to come and then simmer for 7 min exactly and open cooker after 20 min...easy na!! Keep in mind 7 min and 20 min!!  A word about adding water, the rule of thumb is adding water double the measurement of the r

Nadan Cheera Thoran / Spinach Stir Fry

Nadan Cheera Thoran or spinach stir fry with coconut is an everyday side dish for rice. In Kerala, cheera (a variety of spinach) is grown in the backyards, most popular are the "red cheera" and the "green cheera".

Orange Pound Cake With Orange Glaze

Orange Pound Cake is a childhood favorite of mine...a very old fashioned pound cake with all the goodness of fresh orange....drizzled with orange glaze.. is one of the best cake that my amma bakes. The cake is dense and so very citrusy, the natural orange flavor makes it very special.

Ice Cream "Snickers" Brownie Pie

Ice Cream Brownie Pie With Snickers, a dessert with brownie as its base with two different flavors of ice creams, plus caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled....and topped with SNICKERS!! It can't get any better than this!!