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Healthy Egg Paratha Recipe - अंडा पराठा - Tiffin Recipes

Healthy & quick egg paratha recipe अंडा पराठा, breakfast in 5 minutes is a blessing on those busy mornings especially for working women and bachelors. A good home cooked breakfast is a must in your healthy lifestyle. This oil free egg paratha is made with ghee and not with refined oil which makes it all the more healthy and filling. Ghee helps in fat burning and also helps to bring down the glycemic index of wheat and rice. If you have left over parathas then this healthy egg paratha is a great way to use up leftover whole wheat rotis. I have already shared other versions of egg paratha and this one is the most easiest of the them all. This quick egg paratha can also be had a tiffin for school/office lunch box. You can use seasonal veggies of your choice to make it more filling and fibre rich. Also, it is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ingredients: 1 whole egg 1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt 1 green chilli chopped 1/4 tsp turmeric powder 1/2 chopped onion 1/4

Meetha Poha - मीठा पोहा - Aval Vilayichathu - Healthy Kerala Snacks For Kids

Aval vilayichathu , also known as meetha poha ( मीठा पोहा ) is a traditional snack from Kerala, which can be had as an evening snack and is made with poha/flattened rice. In Kerala, aval (poha) is usually had as an evening snack as it is light and easy to digest. During summer holidays and during exam times this is a common kids snack and I remember my amma used to make this for me to take to hostel as it will stay good for some weeks but I dont remember it lasting for long as my roomies and friends would devour it. Fast forward, I started to make this for my kids and though my daughter is not-so-found of aval vilayichathu; my son just loves it. So I make this often for him and he snacks on it till the jar is empty. Its healthy, light on the stomach and the jaggery gives minerals much needed for kids these days, plus the healthy fats in coconut and desi ghee; so much better than kids snacking on store bought biscuits, chips etc. So try introducing healthy traditional snacks like