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Chakkakuru Mezhukkupuratti - Kerala Recipes

Chakkakuru Mezhukkupuratti is a traditional Kerala side dish made with jackfruit seeds. Chakakuru Mezhukkupuratti Recipe , learn how to make chakkakuru mezhukkupuratti with step by step pictures. Summers in Kerala is blessed by two of the greatest fruits: Mangoes and Jackfruits,  and both of them are my favorites. Jackfruits are mostly used as a fruit and the unripened ones are used to make chips , curries etc. Traditionally, jackfruit seeds which we call "chakkakuru" are scarped and sliced and used in curries which is my absolute favorite and I love to make mezhukkupuratti with them. Let me tell you that scraping the seeds off is a time consuming job; which grandmothers used to gleefully gossip and do in the olden days. Because of my love for the curried seeds; when I got some I spent time to lightly scrap them and slice into small pieces. Back in the olden days, my grandmother used to scrap off all outer part of the seeds; but these days it is said for health

Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Paneer sandwich recipe, how to make grilled paneer sandwich recipe. Paneer sandwich is easy to make and healthy and filling too. The best thing about grilled paneer sandwich is the ease at  which you can make, it just take under 5 minutes to make! Breakfast sandwiches can be super easy with a panini press . Though, dosa and sambar are our staple at home; sometimes I like to serve my kids sandwiches and paneer sandwich is the best one to start the day with all those power packed proteins. My kids were not much of paneer lovers earlier; but I think it maybe due to peer influence that Nidhi and Cheriyan started loving paneer and I was always making them veg sandwich layered with paneer and gradually they want "paneer only" sandwich and thus I started making this recipe. I bought a grill machine (panini press) and I am simply loving it; making sandwiches and grilling vegetables/meat etc are a breeze now. It just takes 3 minutes for the sandwich to get grilled and

Mango Mojito Recipe - Mocktail Recipes

Mango mojito recipe, how to make virgin mango mojito. Mango mojito mocktail  is an excellent summer cooler for kids and adults alike. The goodness of mango, mint and lemon makes it a refreshing summer drink. This recipe serves one  and I made it in the glass in which I am serving. Just the other day; I came across a blog run by a lady who has stealed a lot of my content including pictures, which has my watermark. I also did found many contents and pictures from my fellow blogger friends. This lady has shared each post on gplus and she has taken lot of pain to put my step by step pictures. I did leave a comment on her blog asking her to remove my hard-work from her site; but I could not help wonder what satisfaction one gets from stealing. Copyright infringement is so rampant that even after watermarking pictures it is shamelessly used; I have dealt with these issues a lot in the past, but seems it is a never ending process. Please, if you come across any such thing,

Chicken Kurma Recipe | Malabar Chicken Korma

Chicken kurma recipe , how to make easy Malabar style chicken korma. Malabar chicken curry  is also known as chicken kurma/korma is a coconut based chicken curry which is perfect with idiyappam, puttu , roti , rice, or even bread. Living in Malabar has introduced  to their cuisines like chicken samosa , malabar biriyani, cauliflower fries etc and this korma is one such recipe which a friend gave me. The korma gravy is thick and creamy by grinding coconut; but no nuts are added and yes it is a bit spicy, but then you can adjust that according to your taste.  What I like about this chicken korma is the ease at which it can be made and all the masalas are grinded along with the coconut, so no need for any extra garam masala. With summer at its might; I hate to spent time in the kitchen during daytime and prefer to cook early morning or late evening which does hamper photographing them.  School has started for my son and cant believe that he is a lanky teenager now, he is a

Mocha Coffee Cake Recipe

Mocha coffee coffee cake (or) coffee, chocolate, and vanilla marble cake recipe; three goodness of life in one cake is my ultimate indulgence. I know its been ages since I posted a cake recipe here and so I thought I will surprise you with the three goodness (coffee, chocolate, and vanilla) marbled in this super moist, super yummy and no excuse cake. My kids fought for the last piece; my neighbors came in uninvited and I lost my cake  diet control over this cake!! I am a coffee woman and a chocoholic and I am glad that I passed down my awesome genes to my kids; coffee + chocolate : Instant bliss! I made this cake "em! let me think....hmmm more than a couple of times and again when my daughter qualified Jee Mains (India's top entrance exam), when I asked her what she wanted to celebrate her small milestone; she did not even gave a second thought - coffee coffee cake with mocha  coffee glaze all over...yum! I prefer baking this particular cake in bundt pan because