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Road Trip To Goa - Goa Road Trip - Calicut (Kozhikode) To Goa Road Trip

Road trip to Goa, from Calicut (Kozhikode) 615 kms. The road trip was fun and memorable, right from the Malabar food to the beautiful beaches along the road. Mutta Masala, a Malabar special! Mahe Church: We had a stopover at Mangalore and started the trip again early next morning, had breakfast on the way at Murudeswhar... We had lunch at Karwar, roadside sea facing hotel and reached Goa at about 4 pm. We stayed at Ponda City, which is 30 kms away from Panjim. The best road trip we had made in a decade. We did not use google maps or any navigation device, we got directions from sign boards and by simply asking people. What road trip to Goa video.

Chocolate Cookies Recipe - How To Make The Best Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies recipe,  learn to make the best chocolate cookies . This Christmas, treat your loved ones with the easy homemade chocolate cookies . The beautiful marks on top stands this cookie apart and kids will not stop munching them. These chocolate cookies are not the fancy type, but simple with just the basic ingredients available in your pantry. I have been making these cookies for sometime now; its my never fail cookie recipe, and easy to make! You can chop in some cashew nuts and bring in a light nutty flavour or add a some chocolate chips for that extra chocolate punch, or just make it plain like I did....either way, you will love them. These stay fresh in an airtight container for weeks (if your kids let them) with the festive season around the corner; you can bake these simple cookies and gift them too. Video recipe for chocolate cookies below: Some More Cookies Recipe: Classic Peanut Butter Cookies Cherry Cookies Recipe My Ultimate Chocolate Chip

Dragon Beef Recipe - How To Make Dragon Beef

Dragon beef or beef dragon is a restaurant style Chinese dish popular as an appetiser or as a side dish for fried rice. This sweet and spicy dish has all the flavours and the cashew nuts gives an extra nutty crunch. I made these more than a couple of times to serve with fried rice and each time I make the dish got better and better...and a dish so delish should be shared with you. Okay, let me mention a couple of things, first of all the meat which we get here needs to be pressure cooked for atleast 20 mins as it takes that much time to cook. So, I had to pressure cook the meat and then marinate and fry it, but if the meat which you get cooks pretty fast you can directly fry them. You can also make things easier by cooking and then marinating the meat a day before and refrigerate, what I meant is you can always plan and prepare. For this dish, meat should be cut lengthwise; be it chicken or fish...yes! dragon fish is one of my favourite and the sad part is I do not get a chanc