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Mango Slush Recipe

Mango slush - how to make mango slush recipe. Mango slush  is a quick and easy vegan  summer cooler; which I love to have myself when I am on a diet spree. Sometimes, I prefer to have fruits for lunch and I try to make it wholesome as possible. Mango slush is one easy fruit idea to chill on hot sizzling summer afternoon. Ice cubes are a summer necessity and I always stack them in my freezer; I have shared so many summer drinks   ...yes stock up your freezer with ice excuse! It was in the summer of 2010 that I started this small space, which grow along with me; gave me so many friends and I learned a lot from you; your support and love has always given me the inspiration I always needed. Thank you! Coming back to this recipe; I make mango slush mostly for myself and when I make I do not add sugar but do add when I make for my kids. So, if you are on a diet and want to make this as a meal; I would suggest you to omit the sugar (or you can use sugar subs). One thing

Chakka Varattiyathu - Kerala Recipes

 Chakka Varattiyathu - How to make chakka (jackfruit) varattiyathu. Chakka varattiyathu - Jackfruit halwa - Oh! my the word chakka varattiyathu brings in nostalgic memories of summer holidays of my childhood and this jackfruit sweet still is my favorite Kerala dessert. Jackfruits and mangoes are indispensable during the summers of Kerala; my father's house at kottayam near the banks of meenachil river, the place I spent many holidays with cousins all around. We used to gang up and steal upplitta manga from "thattumpuram" (attic) and chakka varattiyathu was stored in the ari petti (a box used to store rice) and after all the troubles we might get a spoon or little less of the chakka varattiyathu. Apart from climbing mango trees there are champakka (rose apple) all around in the 70s were fun, full of joy! In the backyard of my fathers house there will be all sorts of pickles basking in the summer sun and there will be "payu" (a mat) topped with c

Virgin Mojito Recipe - Mocktail Recipes

Virgin mojito recipe - how to make virgin mojito - easy mocktail recipes. o Mojito  is a Cuban cocktail  and is basically alcohol based drink which has fresh mint leaves, lemon, and sugar. I have posted "the original mojito recipe on my youtube channel " and this mocktail is for those who do not favor alcohol in their drink. Yes, mocktails are soft drinks which does not have alcohol but is substituted with fruit juice, fruit purees, pulps, syrups etc. Mocktails are alcohol free and can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Mojito is made with muddling mint leaves with sugar and lemon wedges. Granulated sugar acts as a exfoliater when it rubs with the mint leaves and release the essential oils and for this reason I would suggested to muddle or lightly squash the mint leaves with the granulated sugar and the lemon wedges in the glass you are serving. Though this recipe serves one; you can double or triple the recipe; but the rule is to muddle the three in the glass.

Kerala Duck Curry Recipe -Kuttanadan Recipes

Kerala duck curry or nadan tharavu curry is a popular duck curry from Kuttanad, Kerala. Nadan tharavu curry is also known as tharavu mappas; learn to make Kerala duck curry with step by step pictures. Duck curry or tharavu curry or tharavu mappas is mostly popular in the Kuttanad and Kumarakon of Kerala. My amma lived in Kumarakom until her marriage and I was married to Kuttanad and so the interconnection of cuisines. Locally, this duck curry is known as tharavu mappas and is a coconut milk based curry which goes well with rice, puttu, or even bread. Homey and Namit loves duck in any form and I try to make as traditional as possible so that Namit is more acquainted with traditional platter. So, lets make traditional Kerala duck curry with step by step pictures.  In a small chutney grinder add in the garlic, ginger, and curry leaves. Grind it coarsely. Heat a pressure cooker with 3 tbsp coconut oil, add in mustard seeds, cloves, cinnamon, and whole peppercorns. Ad

Ice Cream Soda Recipe - Ice Cream Float

How to make ice cream soda or ice cream float. Ice cream soda recipe: Ice cream soda is also known as ice cream float and is an easy summer cooler. Ice cream soda as the name suggests is made with ice cream and aerated soda. This drink will be a sure hit with kids and is perfect for a summer party. To make more colorful I used Fanta today. You can use 7-up, coco cola, Miranda or any aerated soft drink of your choice. Kids will love the creamy bubble on top and the marbled color. How to make ice cream soda. Other Recipes: Watermelon Slush Frappuccino (Cold Coffee Drink) Mango Squash Ice Cream Soda - Ice Cream Float PREP TIME : 1 mins     |  AUTHOR: : NISA HOMEY       INGREDIENTS Ice cream: 2 scoops Fanta or any aerated soda: 1/2 can   METHOD: Add 2 scoops of ice cream into a serving glass. Slowly pour half a can of aerated soft drink over it. Stir with a spoon and serve immediately. NOTES You can sprinkle some crushed candies on top.

Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe

Kerala chicken curry recipe, how to make nadan kerala chicken curry. Kerala chicken curry is a simple but spicy chicken curry from Kerala, and my Easter recipe for you. This chicken curry is almost similar to my nadan chicken curry ,  the slight difference is that some tomatoes are pureed and the outcome is a rich and thick gravy. Last time when amma visited us here in Calicut  ( remember, I shared puff pastry recipe ), we made this curry and I forgot completely about it. I was searching my recipe pictures for a chicken recipe to share for Easter and was so glad this popped up. Amma says that the richness in this nadan Kerala chicken curry comes from pureeing the tomatoes and the amount of onions used (5 onions). The gravy is thick and spicy and perfect for serving with rice, roti, appam, puttu etc. How to make kerala chicken curry with step by step pictures. Wash and clean the chicken and keep it on a strainer. Heat a large pan or kadai with coconut oil. Add in