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Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Calling this banana smoothie or papaya smoothie or mango smoothie wouldn't be fair because it has all three and it is power packed, so I think breakfast smoothie suits more than anything.

Quick Skillet Chicken Tikka Recipe

Chicken Tikka Recipe, How to make chicken tikka on skillet (tawa). Quick chicken tikka is an easy stove top method of making restaurant style chicken tikka on a skillet or tawa, right in your kitchen. You can make tikka even if you do not own an oven or even a grill, chicken tikka is one of the most popular dish of India, chicken cubes is marinated in yogurt with a blend of spices....this yogurt makes the chicken tender, soft, and juicy. During one of our road travels; we had lunch once from a Punjabi "Dhaba" ( these are highway roadside restaurants or cafes on all highways and outskirts of cities or towns or even villages; open 24/7). That day, it was past noon time and the Punjabi Bhai (Bhai is referred as brother) served us this hot spicy tender tikka and we devoured on it and asked for a second helping....and then after having the hearty meal, I visited the kitchen and the chef gave me his "special tikka recipe"...translated by Homey...(I don't spe

Chakka Kuzhachathu/Raw Jackfruit Curry (Kerala Style) Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Raw jackfruit curry for diabetes. Raw jackfruit has a much lower glycemic load and can be had as a main meal for a person with diabetes. Chakka kuzhachathu is a traditional curry made with raw jackfruit known as "chakka" in Malayalam. Jackfruit is mostly consumed as a ripened fruit, but its raw flesh is made into jackfruit chips or curries with coconut and served with fish curry/meen curry ...Come summer, Kerala has its share of mangoes and jackfruits. Raw jackfruit is chopped and cooked, fresh coconut grinded coarsely is added to the cooked jackfruit and seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves etc in farm fresh coconut oil. During grandmas time, coconut was grinded in a stone grinder or "ammi kal" as it is known in Malayalam. This gives the most yummiest earthy flavor and sometimes I love to go the traditional way to make authentic Kerala dishes. This curry is a traditional vegan curry; for vegetarians, this can be served with pickles . Note: Sinc

Popcorn Fish Recipe......step by step

Popcorn fish, call it KFC popcorn fish or McDonald's Fish Mcbites or fish nuggets....take your pick, but my kids call it popcorn fish and nothing else and I am sticking to that name. This crunchy popcorn sized fish bites are any kids delight (mine too)....what better way to enjoy the monsoons....hmmm I love the rains...monsoon means hot pakoras and samosas. ....yum! The beauty of living in Kerala is its lakes, rivers, and sea......the beach is just 6 km from where we live and yes, the lucky part is fresh fish all year round. I really cannot stand frozen fish...who wants to freeze when you get fresh fish daily or to be precise every hour, if you have time to go to the beach.....well downtown beach to be exact. Or you can wait at your doorstep for the fisherman who comes in his bicycle ...locally known as "meenkaran" fresh fish delivered at your door step every morning..... fish fry or curry for lunch??? I have been making this popcorn fish whenever Homey gets me

Green Chilli Chicken Curry....step by step.

Green chilly chicken is a simple and easy chicken curry yet slightly spicy; made with green chilly and a bunch of greens. A perfect side dish for roti/Indian flatbread , bhatura , plain rice, or even just plain bread . Mint leaves, coriander leaves, and green chillies are the base for this curry and yogurt make the chicken tender and juicy.....lastly,  butter makes it more flavorsome. A very subtle curry with a difference. This recipe was handed down from my neighbor friend Shini; who is an expert in Malabar cuisine, I made some changes to suit my taste... An easy and quick green chicken curry... Author: Nisa Homey. Ingredients:  Chicken: 500 gms. Pepper powder: 1 tsp. Garam masala: 1 tsp. Turmeric powder: A big fat pinch. Salt. To gind:(green paste) Coriander leaves: 1 bunch. Mint leaves: 1/2 bunch. Curry leaves: 2 sprigs. Green chillies: 10-15 (reduce or decrease according to your taste). Onion: 1, chopped. Ginger: 2 1" inch piece. Garlic: 1 pod