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Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Easy Chocolate cake recipe, learn how to make easy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I love to bake cake in a pan and frost them in the pan itself; for me that is the ultimate indulgence. For a chocoholic like me, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is guilty pleasure. I am lazy when it comes to baking a fancy cake; you know what I mean bake a 3 layer cake; frost them, pipe! I am too lazy for that now! But I am totally in love with boiled frostings that can be poured over a hot cake (my kids nor I can wait for a cake to get cool) so pourable frosting is my idea of a perfect chocolate indulgence....and easy too! If you are on a diet. I am SORRY!. But sometimes life is very complicated when it comes to chocolate and lets make everything more simple by making this easy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Annnnnnnd!! this happens when you do not have patience to wait for the cake and the frosting to cool kids (not me) are very greedy when it

Methi Chicken Recipe | How To Make Methi Chicken (Methi Murgh)

Methi chicken recipe, how to make methi chicken; a rich restaurant like chicken curry which goes well with roti, naan, or bhatura. This methi chicken is very restaurant style and very easy to make, the fresh methi leaves (fenugreek leaves) gives a nice flavor to the curry. The gravy is rich and creamy; it was back in early 2000 my friend, Elsy gave me this recipe. She got it from her restaurateur uncle. While living in Coorg, fresh green vegetables was available during the summers and once when I remarked casually while chatting with Elsy resulted in this fabulous methi chicken recipe. I must confess this is a rich curry and I make it only for special occasions: well, restaurant style recipes are for special occasions. I have made this methi chicken so many times since the first time I made some 12 years ago, yes its a never fail recipe. In this recipe methi leaves are sprinkled with salt and kept for sometime, then the leaves are squeezed to remove the juice and then slice

Kerala Fish Fry Recipe - Meen Varuthathu

Kerala Fish Fry- how to make Kerala fish fry or meen varuthathu. Kerala fish fry is one of my favorite comfort food; there are many ways to prepare fish fry and it varies from district to district. Towards North, fennel seeds are added along with shallots, ginger and garlic. Down South people like it plain like I made this; just with chilly powder, pepper, salt and some curry leaves. But to get that authentic Kerala taste; coconut oil is a must. Since I used Kashmiri chilli its is nicely coated in the fish and the spice can be tolerated, so I highly recommend using Kashmiri chilli powder. Use this recipe to make fish fry with sardines, mackerel, anchovies, seer fish, butter fish, pear spot (karimeen) etc etc.  The trick is to fry in low flame for about atleast 7 mins on each side and for best results use an iron skillet or kadai. How to make kerala fish fry, video tutorial. Other recipes you may like: Kerala Fish Curry Malabar Fish Biriyani Kerala Fish Fry - Meen

Crab Roast Recipe | Kerala Njandu Roast

Crab roast recipe, how to make Kerala style nadan njandu roast. Crab roast , is an easy and spicy dry crab roast with kudampuli and is best served with rice; if you like to have little gravy, you can add in half a cup of thick coconut milk. There are no tomatoes in this recipe since kudampuli is used, though you can substitute with tomatoes (which should be added while cooking the crab) the authentic nadan taste will not be there. My son loves crab in any form and when I am not in a mood for an elaborate cooking; I make this easy crab roast for him. The kudampuli and the roasting gives it a nice dark colour. Crab roast, step by step tutorial In a large pan or pot add in the crab, Kashmiri chilli powder, coriander and turmeric powder, kudampuli, salt and little water. Mix and cover and cook or until the water is reduced. The water to should dry up completely. Heat another kadai or pan with coconut oil, add in onion, ginger, garlic, green chili, and curry leaves. Saute

Chocolate Lava Cake - Molten Lava Cake Recipe

Chocolate lava cake recipe, how to make molten chocolate lava cake with step by step pictures. Chocolate lava cake  is my ultimate indulgence and my first second third love. Making molten chocolate lava cake is easy and perfect for Valentine's day. This lava cake is just for two; but you can double or thrible the recipe. Molten lava cakes are nothing but " slightly undercooked cake " and the center is not cooked or turned into a cake texture thus making it a creamy chocolate sauce. Now, if you keep it longer in the oven, then it will turn to a beautiful chocolate cake, minus the lava. So, you need to bake this in very hot oven for just 8 mins (pls note oven temperature varies with different types of oven). When I make this, I actually keep a timer because many a time these became cakes and spoil the fun for my kids. They want chocolate lava so my son's idea of a timer did work. Another tip is that you can pull it out of the oven when you see the cake batter

Egg Curry - Cashew Egg Curry Recipe

Cashew egg curry, how to make easy egg curry with cashew paste with step by step pictures. Egg curry  made with cashew paste is a very creamy M ughlai egg curry and tastes best with roti , naan , tandoori roti etc.  Valentine's day is just around the corner; try this creamy egg curry for a romantic dinner with your valentine. Egg curries are always a life saver; and it completes a meal the best part is the ease at which an egg curry can be made. This curry is my hubbys favorite and its a no frill curry; just make the curry sauce and add boiled eggs in it....easy! peasy! You can make this curry more creamier and rich with extra cream; though I did not when I made this. how to make easy egg curry with cashew paste with step by step pictures. I minced onions, green chilli, garlic, and ginger finely in my food processor. Soak the cashewnuts in warm water and after 10 mins, grind them to a smooth paste with little water. Keep them aside. Puree tomatoes and keep aside.

Kerala Style Chicken Fry | How To Make Nadan Chicken Fry

Nadan chicken fry, Kerala style chicken fry with easy step by step pictures. Restaurant Style Kerala chicken fry or nadan kozhi varuthathu  is a very popular Kerala chicken recipe. This chicken fry recipe is made with grinding some spices and that gives a unique flavor and very restaurant style. The grounded spices form a light crumb coating and the fried chicken is so juicy; that they vanished  within minutes. I used bone-in-chicken but you can use boneless too though I prefer bone-in. Curry leaves add an extra flavor. Overnight marination is what I prefer for this chicken fry; but if you are in a hurry at least two hours will work too. Kerala chicken fry, step by step pictures. Gather the spices and pulse them in the dry ginger once it is coarsely grounded add in ginger and garlic. Then grind again. Add the cleaned chicken into a bowl, dunk in the grounded spices, Kashmiri chilli powder, turmeric powder.. Add in salt and squeeze in one whole lemon. Mix e

Avial Recipe | How To Make Kerala Avial Recipe

Avial recipe, how to make traditional Kerala avial with video Avial is a typical Mallu side dish and a popular Kerala dish. There is no onam sadhya or Vishu sadhya or a wedding sadya without avial; you could say avial is the most important side dish for sadhya. Avial is nothing but vegetables cooked and is mixed with coarsely grounded coconut and lastly drizzled with coconut oil. A very  healthy and traditional dish and very easy to make. In some parts of Kerala, tamarind juice is used instead of sour curd; but drumstick and raw banana is a must. Some add in 3 or 4 garlic cloves. During mango season, you can make with raw mangoes. In some parts of Kerala, tomatoes are also used. To make avial more healthy; you can add in a handful of fresh drumstick leaves. I like to add taro root (chemu) during its season; you can also add achinga payar, amara payar, kumbalanga etc. Avial recipe video Other recipes you may like: Avial With Drumstick Leaves Kerala Onam Sadhya Recipe