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Shrimp Rice/Chemmeen Chooru....with Kerala matta brown rice.

Shrimp rice or chemmeen choru with Kerala matta (brown) rice, is a traditional quick meal, popular in the Syrian Christian community of Kerala. Back in my childhood, my maternal grandmother (ammachi) used to make this instant shrimp flavored rice for us kids....when we are back from our outdoor games. She puts cooked rice into slow fried shrimp masala  fry otherwise known as " chemmeen ularthiyathu ". The trick is to put in the rice into the pan; which was used to make the curry and mix.....resulting in the most delicious one pot meal....have you ever tried it with chicken....after you make a chicken curry or slow roast and once you transfer them to another dish....the pan will have some crumbs of the curry....just put in some cooked rice along with some chicken pieces and mix well.....try it you will love it....ammachi used to make this and called it "kozhi chooru"...kozhi means chicken and chooru means cooked rice. I have mentioned that my son loves shrimp

Tandoori Chicken Pizza Recipe - How To Make Tandoori Chicken Pizza At Home

Tandoori chicken pizza, how to make tandoori chicken pizza at home. Tandoori chicken is a popular Indian dish and using it as a topping for pizza is a treat for all Indian food lovers. This pizza is an easy one, I usually make pizza for dinner. It is slathered with my quick pizza sauce , shredded tandoori chicken , and cheese.....and the best part is that this dough is made with my food quick-homemade-no-knead-pizza-dough-in-my-food-processor...just put flour and yeast mix in the processor and blitz, scratch that....just count 1-2-3 ...homemade pizza dough is done....and I love this kind of lazy-indulgence while making food....(if you need some more food processor recipes, pls read my post ). I used my basic homemade pizza dough recipe with all purpose flour.....I did spice up the flour with dried seasonings to give the base a more Italian flavor....I love creating fusion pizza, my other favorite is butter chicken pizza. This pizza is perfect for the

Quick Pizza Sauce With Fresh Tomatoes...step by step.

Quick pizza sauce with fresh tomatoes .....yes its time to ditch store-bought pizza sauce and make them right in your kitchen....and the best thing about this pizza sauce is, it is done in 15 quick and fast it is that you will never reach for that pizza sauce bottle ever saving binge ha! You can make this sauce while the pizza dough is proofing up or even a day or week before but you need to refrigerate it.....also if you are super lazy to do the cooking process, you can just drain a bit of the liquid and use it... Not canned tomatoes, pure fresh ones are the star the good thing is you probably would have all the ingredients in your pantry. Making this sauce is more easier than writing this post....that said, lets get cooking. Tip: If you have fresh basil and oregano leaves, its best to use them. This recipe will yield for one pizza only, I usually make this as an instant sauce. If you are super lazy, you can omit the cooking pro

Food processor: My successful recipes to prove it.

I L.O.V.E. my food processor...and it is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen...and is also probably the most photographed appliance on my blog. I use it for grating , chopping , mixing dough  .... If you have shoved your food processor on the top shelf of your pantry, its time to dust it off and place it in your kitchen. I have a sis-in-law who still haven't opened the cover of her food processor....which she got as a gift. She says that using it is a lot of trouble.....this post is definitely for those who thinks the same. Here are some of my successful ways to make food easy with food processor..... Carrot Halwa - I grate carrots to make this Indian dessert. Homemade mayonnaise , so easy to make mayonnaise with egg whites. Cauliflower paratha , I mince cauliflower to make gobi paratha. Breadfruit Chips, I also make banana chips with the processor now instead of Mandoline. Spinach/Palak Rice, I chop spinach to make this amazing nut