Friday, April 26, 2013

Tandoori Chicken Pizza Recipe - How To Make Tandoori Chicken Pizza At Home

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Tandoori chicken pizza, how to make tandoori chicken pizza at home. Tandoori chicken is a popular Indian dish and using it as a topping for pizza is a treat for all Indian food lovers.

This pizza is an easy one, I usually make pizza for dinner. It is slathered with my quick pizza sauce, shredded tandoori chicken, and cheese.....and the best part is that this dough is made with my food quick-homemade-no-knead-pizza-dough-in-my-food-processor...just put flour and yeast mix in the processor and blitz, scratch that....just count 1-2-3 ...homemade pizza dough is done....and I love this kind of lazy-indulgence while making food....(if you need some more food processor recipes, pls read my post).

I used my basic homemade pizza dough recipe with all purpose flour.....I did spice up the flour with dried seasonings to give the base a more Italian flavor....I love creating fusion pizza, my other favorite is butter chicken pizza.

This pizza is perfect for the baking beginner, a no excuse homemade easy!

Note: Since the tandoori chicken is a bit spicy, I did not add any pepper powder or dried chilies.

Author: Nisa Homey
For the base
Flour: 1 1/2 cups.
Instant yeast: 3/4 tsp.
Warm water: About 3/4 cup, it can be a little less or more.
Sugar or honey: 1 tsp.
Salt: 1/2 tsp.
Olive oil/refined oil: 1 tsp.
Cornflour: Little to sprinkle and grease your hands.( If you have cornmeal then Great! its the reason for that extra crunchiness).
Dried oregano: 1 tsp.

Dried basil: 1 tsp.

Pizza topping:
Shredded tandoori chicken:About 1 cup (I used left over tandoori chicken breast).
Quick pizza sauce: 3-4 tbsp.
Cheese of your choice: 3 cubes, grated.

Mix yeast and sugar into the warm water and keep aside.
Put the S blade in your food processor. Add the flour, dried oregano, dried basil, and salt into the food processor and blitz away.

With the machine still running, pour the yeast water mix through the feeder.....(sometimes u might need a little less or more water, so be careful)

Until the dough comes together

Plop the dough into a bowl. Grease your hands or drizzle 1 tsp of oil into the dough and just bring together the dough again....and keep it near the warmest place in your kitchen for about two hours.

Did I warn you that you will be running to the nearest dealer for a brand new food making is so easy...hmmm

I bake pizza on my baking tray, sprinkle cornflour or cornmeal on the tray and plop the dough in the middle.

Spread it out in your desired shape with your finger tips.....grease your fingers with a bit of cornflour, so that it does not sticks....those little specks of Italian seasoning makes it more yummier.

Slather quick pizza sauce on top of it.

And then the best part, shredded tandoori chicken on top.

And lastly grated cheese.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree C for 20 to 30 min or until done.

Serve while still warm.
The best thing about being a food blogger is that, there is never a shortage for tasty food you know the tremendous support my family gives me for blogging...grin :)...grin :)
Enjoy homemade pizza...with all its goodness.

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