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Caramel Pudding Recipe - Caramel Custard Recipe

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caramel pudding

Caramel pudding recipe; a delicious traditional dessert with creamy caramel over silky custard. Caramel custard is my favorite pudding.

All through my childhood, amma makes caramel pudding as a Sunday special.....achachen (my dad) love only this pudding...... 42 years of serving caramel pudding to him has made amma, a sort of an authority on caramel pudding recipe! Ah yes, like always this is amma's recipe. It is her signature, no-fail recipe. of caramel custard.

caramel pudding

Okay lets talk about this pudding!!  I used 4 eggs because amma said so eggs are the show stopper here :) is needed to make the pudding silky-satin, and stand tall....and yes it will not you may wonder....won't this be eggy!!smelly!! I promise it won't....there wouldn't be too much eggy flavor! caramel flavor can do wonders!! Believe me!!

caramel pudding recipe 1

I am using my steamer or appachembu as it is known locally to cook the pudding. While the pudding is steaming, it is important that once steam comes, you should simmer the fire.....otherwise the custard might curdle (if it is your unlucky day!!) and sometimes, it might boil over to avoid any unwarranted mishaps, I recommend to simmer the fire for 10-12 minutes, switch off the fire and let it stand another 5 minutes or so.....then take it out and once it comes down to room temp....refrigerate. preferably overnight!!

For caramelizing, I am using the same good old adding water or anything!! just sugar....follow my instruction on this....and lastly, forgive my custard has withstood "caramel" harassment for some 16 years or so!!

Let's start cookin!!

 How to make caramel pudding recipe with step photos 
Recipe source: Amma.
Serves: 4-5
First we have to make the caramel and prepare the custard pan. I am making the caramel in the pan itself. Switch on the fire, and put 3 tbsp on the dish with which you are making the pudding. Place it on the stove. Please reduce the heat to medium.
caramel pudding recipe 2

In about a minute or two, the sugar will start to brown.....and yes you have play with flame...from medium to low and low to medium.
caramel pudding 1

Keep the flame to lowest once it starts browning...and when it reaches a nice dark amber color, switch off the fire.

Swirl the pan with tongs...and please be careful, caramel is very hot and can cause severe children allowed while making caramel :)

Carefully spread the caramel in the whole pan. Leave it to cool down....yay!! our caramel base is ready. Once it is cooled down, it might have some cracks....never mind that.

Now gather the stuffs for the custard! 4 eggs, 1/2 cup sugar, and 500 ml milk

Into the blender, add in the eggs and sugar.

And blend for a minute.

Pour the milk into it. And blend again for a minute or two. The milk I used is not boiled as it is pasteurized.

Pour this into the prepared custard pan.

This is the steamer I used.... battered and the most used utensil of my kitchen!!

Showing off my new custard pan, small size!! The pan which we prepared for the pudding is on the left and you can see some cracks on it.....the caramel once cooled down....will have some cracks.

Place the custard in the steamer....and close the lid. Once steam comes, simmer for 10-12 minutes and then switch off fire and leave it for another 5 minutes.

Custard pudding is ready. Allow it to cool down to room temp. I prepared this at night as I like them to be refrigerated overnight.....for better setting of the pudding!!

To serve, run a knife through the sides of the pan and then place the pan on the plate you are serving, bottom side up....and slowly pull up the pan.

Amazingly silky and smooth custard pudding....for you!!
caramel pudding recipe 5

Caramel lovers this is for you!!
caramel pudding recipe 3

Update (My notes): 
#I have had queries whether the pudding can be made other than using the steamer. You can also bake in the oven, preheat oven to 180 degree C, place the custard pan into another bowl/larger pan filled with water (about half way). Put this into the oven and bake for 30-45 minutes or until done. Or if you have an electric cooker, you can do the same way!!!
#Queries regarding curdling; I have mentioned clearly that, if it is overcooked it will while using the steamer, once steam comes, simmer the fire, and then let it cook on slow flame...this is important

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caramel pudding recipe - caramel custard recipe

PREP TIME: 10 mins    |  COOK TIME: 15 mins    |  AUTHOR::
  caramel pudding  


  • Milk: 500 ml
  • Sugar: 1/2 cup
  • Eggs: 4
  • Sugar for caramelizing: 3 tbsp


  1. Make the caramel first and prepare the pan. Put 3 tbsp sugar on the dish with which you are making the pudding. Place it on the stove.
  2. Keep the flame to lowest once it starts browning and once when the melted sugar reaches a nice dark amber color, switch off the fire.
  3. Swirl the pan with tongs and keep aside.
  4. To make the custard; add eggs and sugar in a blender. Blend for a minute.
  5. Add the milk and again blend for a minute.
  6. Pour this into the prepared custard pan.
  7. Boil water in a steamer and place the custard in the steamer, close the lid. Once steam comes, simmer for 10-12 minutes and then switch off fire and leave it for another 5 minutes.
  8. Open the lid and allow it to cool down to room temp.
  9. Keep in fridge, preferably overnight.
  10. Serve Chilled.


  • Over cooking the custard (in the steamer) might make it curdle and hence the satiny finish may not be acheved.
  • You can also bake this in oven, by using water bath method.
  • Caramal pudding is also known as caramel flan.

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