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Ribbon Pakkavada/Diwali Snacks.....step by step pics

Pakkavada is an easy snack......I have lovely memories of munching on them reading Archies, Phantom, Tarzen, Mandrake comics, Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton's books etc etc....come weekends Amma used to make them and I have had countless good times with them. These days all these easy-to-do-at-home snacks are available at supermarkets....but as usual I prefer to make them at home for my hungry kids sometimes as an after school snack or as something healthy for them to munch on while watching TV or lazying with a book. This is super crispy and crunchy and very thin ribbon do not need any special skill to make this....just get hold of a murukku press or Iddiyappam press and just press out................ya! its that simple. I like to add black sesame seeds into the dough.....I love the way they "peep" in my pakkavada.....and I have to caution you that if your pakkavada "achu" or "plate" is as thin as mine....then I would not reco

No Bake Pinwheel Cookies

I came to know about the sad and sudden demise of Jaysree Satish of Kailas Kitchen  though I do not know her personally I felt saddened after reading Aparna's and Priya's post and wanted to participate in remembering Jayasree. May her soul rest in peace and I pray that her family gets the strength to endure the pain of losing her so suddenly...                                                             Image Source:  Lata-Raja I made Jayashree's No bake pinwheel cookies as a tribute to her. Recipe: Marie Biscuit: 1 pkt. Cocoa Powder: 2 tbsp. Powdered Sugar: 5 tbsp. Butter: 2 Tbsp Milk: 4 tbsp. Filling: Cream butter and sugar, keep this aside. Method: Add the marie biscuits in the mixer grinder and powder them fine, I like to seive them also. Mix in cocoa powder and 2 tbsp powdered sugar and make into a dough by adding milk. Roll out the dough into a rectangle shape. Spread the filling evenly. Leave some space at the edge. Now, roll from o

Kerala Beef Fry | How To Make Beef Fry | Beef Ularthiyathu

Kerala style beef fry, learn how to make Kerala beef fry or beef ularthiyathu with step by step pictures. Slow Roasted Beef Fry or Beef ularthiyathu or Spicy Kerala Beef Roast is a The Dish which has been tingling my taste-buds ever since my childhood.  It is a special dish of   Knanaya Christians of Kottayam, usually made as a Sunday Special or for festive occasions. I have been requested by many to make a step by step presentation on how to make beef fry....this easy recipe has been passed down from my grandmother. My grandmother used to make with shallots instead of onions....and I do use it depending on my mood...I usually stick to check out my beef curry with a difference where I used only shallots. Another thing that should not be omitted is coconut pieces thinly cut and ofcourse cook in coconut oil to get that authentic taste. Nowadays this is the most sought after dish in Kerala along with Kerala porotta goes with almo

Fish Fingers....step by step.

Who doesn't like crispy hot fish fingers dipped in tomato amma used to make them for special occasions or when my cousins used to visit us for vacations....and I loved munching on them while reading books or watching TV.