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Fresh Orange Cake Recipe

Orange cake recipe / how to make orange cake with fresh orange juice, step by step pictures. Old fashioned fresh orange cake has more of the texture of a pound cake, this citrus cake brings warmth and so much flavor, the fresh orange juice gives it a light yellow color!! and my quest for the perfect orange cake ends here!! or so :) I love orange cakes, love the citrusy orange flavor in it, like orange cake with satin icing and Donna Hay's orange cake .   what I love about this cake is the texture, soft and moist and flavorful. The texture is more that of a pound cake though, but this one is easy to make and measure, I am always a "cup" measure person...its always cups and spoons for me.....though occasional weigh ins are fine...I am mostly a volume cooking kind of person....these days, I make my own homemade butter, so I add in extra salt....I mean baking with what I have in hand is my way of relieving stress!! Okay, no stress!! Or have I read somewhere baking

Spicy Shrimp Noodles

Spicy Asian shrimp noodles (Chinese style), is a very light and flavorful noodles midly spiced up with Chinese sauces. A perfect quick stir fry meal for the novice cook :)

Apple Pudding

Quick apple pudding with instant custard as a base, topped with stewed juicy apples. I have had some guests over the weekend, and I made this quick and easy apple pudding . I had not planned to make this pudding, it sort of just happened!! Everybody wanted something sweet as a dessert, and since there were plenty of apples in the fruit basket, I thought of making something with them..... and when I saw the custard powder mix packet in the pantry.....I thought why not make a pudding!! I peeled, cored, and diced the apples and added a dollop of butter in a pan and stewed the apples with sugar, little water,  and cinnamon and boy!! the whole house smelled heaven. Some apple recipes: Rustic apple tart , Apple dump cake , Cinnamon poached apples . Author: Nisa Homey. Serves: 6-7. Ingredients: Apples: 4 to 5 medium. Sugar: 1/4 cup. Water: 2-3 tbsp Lemon juice: 1 1/2 tsp. Butter: 1 tbsp. Cinnamon powder: 1/2 tsp Custard powder: 3 to 4 tbsp. Milk: 500 ml. Method:

Cherupayar Parippu Payasam (Kerala Parippu Pradhaman)

Payasam is a healthy dessert of Kerala, you can call it a traditional dessert. Cherupayar parippu payasam is an Onam special...cherupayar parippu (yellow moong dal-lentil) is fried lightly in ghee and cooked in coconut milk with jaggery (sharkara) and spiced with roasted coconut bits, dry ginger etc. Onam is just around the corner, and it is incomplete without payasam...try this traditional and easy semiya payasam for Onam. This dessert is a traditional dessert .........payasam can be made with milk and coconut milk. Usually semiya or rice payasam is made with milk which is known as kheer in North India, but here in Kerala most of the payasams are made with coconut milk and jaggery (sharkara) as the sweetener....thus making it a healthy dessert!! A quick note, thought traditionally, payasam is made in a heavy uruli and the dal is cooked needs a lot of time and patience, here I am cooking the dal in a pressure cooker, a quicker way of making payasam. Too muc

Cinnamon Poached Apples

    Cinnamon poached apples is a light dessert topping that can be served chilled or warm. A very lightly cinnamon spiced apple stewed in light sugar syrup. During a casual chat with my cousin Lizbeth , she told me that she just poached some apples to serve on ice cream .....and since I had some apples grinning back at me in my fruit no time, I was in my kitchen making cinnamon poached apples....cinnamon I love ya!! Recipe Source: Lizbeth Renjith Author: Nisa Homey Ingredients: Apples: 3-4, peeled, cored, and quartered. Cinnamon: 1 stick. Water: 1 1/2 cup. Sugar: 3-4 tbsp. Method: I used three medium sized apples....that batch had a small cute I added it too. Peel, cored, and quarter the apples....I left the small one as it is. Put them into a pan....add about 1 1/2 cup water...water should cover the apples. Add a cinnamon stick. Add 3-4 tbsp of sugar. Put the pan on stove and once it starts to boil, simmer the fire and close with