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Food processor: My successful recipes to prove it.

I L.O.V.E. my food processor...and it is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen...and is also probably the most photographed appliance on my blog. I use it for grating, chopping, mixing dough ....

If you have shoved your food processor on the top shelf of your pantry, its time to dust it off and place it in your kitchen. I have a sis-in-law who still haven't opened the cover of her food processor....which she got as a gift. She says that using it is a lot of trouble.....this post is definitely for those who thinks the same.

Here are some of my successful ways to make food easy with food processor.....

Carrot Halwa- I grate carrots to make this Indian dessert.

Homemade mayonnaise, so easy to make mayonnaise with egg whites.

Cauliflower paratha, I mince cauliflower to make gobi paratha.

Breadfruit Chips, I also make banana chips with the processor now instead of Mandoline.

Spinach/Palak Rice, I chop spinach to make this amazing nutritive and healthy rice.

Easy vegetable pulav, chopping vegetables for making this pulav makes it so easy for me.

Baked samosas, chopping the vegetables for the samosa.

Chopping beets to make---Stir fry beetroot curry.

Making carrot rice is both fun and easy with my food processor.

Mincing spinach leaves to make spinach easy it is.

Easy fried rice.

Erachi puttu.

Beef cutlets.

Chocolate tart, so easy to make the tart crust.

Vegetable spring rolls, making the dough is so easy.

Quick Bhatura....kneading the dough makes it super quick.

How to Make Chocolate Buttercream in a Food Processor

How to make Tandoori Roti dough in a food processor.

How to Make Tart Base for Apple Tart

How to Mince Chicken for Chicken Burger


  1. i love your snaps....and you have changed ur profile pic..very good nisa. keep it up.

  2. This is a very nice post! I recently bought a food processor and was looking for tips on how to make best use of it. Thanks Nisa for this post :)

    1. Nandita Pai-Hi Nandita, thanks a bunch for stopping by and I am sure you will come to love your food processor as much as I do.

  3. oh wow... such a lovely list of recipes... :)

  4. Food processor is so practical and handy. Love that egg white mayonnaise.

  5. Excellent post, even my food processor is my dearest friend too.

  6. wow! i wouldn't shy away from using one if it makes the job so easy :) great post. which brand do you recommend? also do you know of any brands that can knead chapati dough with ease? that's the biggest pain for me! :)

    1. Coral Crue-Hey, thanks for the visit......I use Philips brand and am quite satisfied with it...I do knead chapati dough also and it works fine for me....when you buy, look for brand with high watts...500 or more is most advisable...hope this helps.

  7. wow...awesome post always come up with great ideas..:)
    I use my food processor too to the best in my kitchen & I absolutely love it.

  8. You've read my mind!! I have actually been considering getting a food processor, but I was wondering if it was worth it for our little family of three. I make about 6-7 chapathis/8-9 dosas at a time, and need only about 1-1.5 cups of vegetables for my pulao. I keep thinking that this is too little for a food processor. Also, have you ever tried kneading bread in it? How else does it help in your baking?

    1. Hi Fabitha-I do make pizza dough with it...though have not tried bread dough yet....thanks a ton for stopping by...keep connected :)

  9. Hi Nisa,
    I also hv d same processor but hvnt used it much. while chopg or dicing onions & vegies in it, dey cum out in diff size & sumtimes it bcomes watery. Chappati dough was vry quick &easy but at times d qty of water I add gets wrong! Any tips for me esp on d cuttg veggies & using various blades for dat
    with a small baby I truly want to make my cookg easier & faster.. ur experience wil be of gr8 help..


    1. Anon-First of all a huge thank u for stopping by....about your query, I have no problem with my processor and love it to bits.....I use the S blade for all the chopping and dough mixing.....and the grater blade for grating carrots and for watery veggies....why dont you try pulsing it...turn the switch to the left....hope this helps..

  10. Hi Nisa,
    Hats off for this wonderful site.
    Nisa, i have been in search of a food processor.I saw this post. i have some doubts regarding the same. Can we prepare dosa/appam batter in this? Can we prepare chutney? Does it come with a mill(for powdering spices)? I checked Philips HR7625 Food Processor in flipkart. It says it supports milling? i am not getting which jar should be used? My blender which i used for above things needs a replacement and would like to know whether replacing it with a food processor will work or not?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Anon-Thanks a ton for stopping by and for the comment.....regarding your queries, my food processor is Philps can mix dough, grate carrots; mooli etc, chop vegetables, make mayonnaise, mince raw meat and fish or cooked etc....but you cannot prepare dosa or appam batter. I don't use this for chutney, but have used to coarsely grind coconut...this one does not support milling, but very useful for chopping, cutting, grating, and mincing....hope this helps.

  11. Lovely info, great post Nisa! Thankyou for the Valuable Information with the benefits of using a food processor I also have my food processor Setup and ready to go, to help with all the cooking.. It works great and I love it. So thanks again.

  12. good post !!!
    i am using a food processor and it has really impressed.

  13. hi nisa.i hv a rico food processor frm last five years.its was very useful.but nowadays its nt working properly. it doesnt grind I was thinking of taking Panasonic mx Ac 400.its a mixer grinder.but just saw ur nw wandering what to take.a mixer grinder or a food processor

  14. Hello nisha....great post. I was considering getting myself a food processor esp. For kneafing dough but was constantly putting off the idea as most of the ppl I know said its more troublesome to clean it after use. Can u suggest something and if it is so actually. A gr8 post and tips worth taking a note of. Thsnks a lot for sharing.

  15. Hello nisha.....I have been planning to buy a food processor for while some while now....esp. for kneading dough but have been putting off the idea as I have been told its more troublesome to clean it after use. Is it actually so? A gr8 site though and somr amazing tips. Congratulations on ur work.

    1. Hello Pratibha, I am fully satisfied with my food processor...and I never felt any trouble with regard to cleaning....hope this helps ....thanks a ton for stopping by :)

  16. Hello Nisha
    Thanks for your informative post. I just wanted to know if the food processor can be used for cutting beans and ladies fingers for normal sabji with coconut that we make and also if it can dice vegetables in cubes. Can you suggest some food processor that has thick slicing blades.

  17. Hi Nisha

    Thanks for your post. I am in a look out for a food processor that is one stop solution for all my kitchen needs. Can you please let me know if you have tried cutting beans and ladies finger in your food processor for the normal stir fry sabji. Also I would like to know if we can dice vegetables in cubes for sambhar or potato fry. If you can suggest some food processor with such functions, it would be great.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.


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