Friday, December 03, 2010

Pineapple squash...the easy way.

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Come December pineapples will line up the markets. I have this weakness for pineapple that every season I preserve them and make jams and squash. Ofcourse, I like raw pineapple, but Nidhi and Cheriyan has some sort of allergy to raw pineapple so the best way to beat it is boil it somehow
......Now coming back to the squash, this squash can be made in 3 steps and it takes less than half an hour!!!..I never use any preservative or artificial coloring to squash. Instead of citric acid I use lemon juice; as this pineapple was a bit sour I did not add the lime juice. There is no exact measurement for the squash because the sugar will vary with the pineapple's sweetness/sourness, so there is only an approximate measurement. Just take the juice, put in sugar, keep on fire till it is sticky consistency and the squash is ready......its that simple!!... get ready for some pineappled kisses and hugs :).

I cut two medium sized pineapples into long strips and put them in the juicer......the juice is ready!!!

Then I added 1-1/2 cups of sugar (200 ml cup) and put it on fire....once it is boiled I simmered the fire and kept it for about 15 min or till you get that sticky consistency....(take a drop between your fingers and see whether it is sticking....almost a 1 string like formation) stirring occasionally so that it does not boil over. Switch off fire, add lemon juice. Here, I did not add any because the pineapple when I tasted at this stage had a bit of sourness in it. Cool and bottle it. Serve mixing with chilled water. See I told you it is easy!!!

How I make squash:
Medium sized pineapple: 2.(cut into lengthwise).
Sugar: 1 1/2 cups.
Lime juice/citric acid: If needed only (optional).
1. Put the cut pieces of pineapple into the juicer. You will get strained juice.
2. Put sugar into the juice and put it on fire.
3. After it comes to a boil simmer the fire and stir occasionally for another 15 min or until it is syrupy. After switching off fire can add lemon juice or citric acid. Squash is ready.

Note: There are no preservatives or colour in this squash. If the pineapple is on the sweet side reduce the sugar and if it is on the sour side add juice of one more lemon. It is best to refrigerate it....

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