Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mango Milkshake/Fresh Mango Smoothie.

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Mango milkshake recipe, how to make mango milk shake.
Mango milkshake is the best thing about summer. In Kerala during summer mangoes are the most available fruit......summers means more mangoes.

Gosh!!! these days I feel I am being baked by the sun.....and not to mention how it is like in the kitchen...and believe me I hate to be in my kitchen during summers.....but with two hungry brats thats ofcourse is  inevitable.

The only good thing about summer is mangoes ...hmmm fresh ones, juicy ones, sweet favorite is Alphonso mango.....what is your fav??

This is one of my favorite shake......its so easy that all it needs is 2 min....

Just slice the mangoes, pop them in the blender, add sugar, and some frozen or chilled milk and give it a nice blend.....its READY!!!

I kept 1/2 litre packet milk in the freezer overnight. Frozen milk is the secret to this amazing creamy smoothie...I would recommend to use frozen milk only.....

So lets cool ourselves with this shake/smoothie.

Note: I use Alphonso mangoes because it is my personal favorite and it has a deep color and unique taste.
Author: Nisa Homey
Alphonso Mangoes: 2, sliced and chopped.
Sugar: 1/4 cup, depending on the mangoes sweetness.
Milk:1 cup frozen or chilled.

 Put the sliced and cubed mangoes and sugar in a blender and blend it for 20 seconds. Then add the frozen milk and blend for 1 minute.

 Serve immediately.

Another of my favorite summer fruit is Jackfruit which is so abundant in Kerala. This one is from our backyard and thought I would share it here......this was so juicy.


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