Friday, August 24, 2012

Chemmen Achar/Kerala Prawns Pickle.

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I make cheemen (prawns) pickle often because my son just loves it.
He loves to take it school and "share" with his friends and I end up making 2 batches a week.

I use the recipe of my basic fish pickle which I had posted here sometime back. 

To see the step by step instruction please go to here.

Marinated prawns.

I add little curry leaves to towards the end of frying...for that extra flavor.

Store in glass jars.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Nisa who said you are not good in photography? please change ur mind absolutely stunning pic.. better than taking a pic with the pickle in the bottle... :D also looks totally delicious I have been wanting to try out a non-veg pickle will sure give this a try.. you can't tempt me more that this.. good one

    Did you check out my lime mint cooler?

  2. Really love your blog & your food pics! They are stunning!


  3. I am salivating here :-p Want to steal away that jar full of this yummy pickle..

  4. Have never had nor heard of pickled shrimp, but you've got me wanting some with those mouthwatering pictures!!!

  5. Finger licking delicious,beautiful tempting clicks.

  6. Slurpppppp,mouthwatering here..

  7. Hi Nisa..made this dish today and it has turned out so well..i had it with sambhar and kootu..though labelled as pickle i am sure it will finish in one day..its so goin to try the same with dried fish soon..thank u so much for the lovely recipe..will soon try all ur other recipes too..THANK U

    1. Hi Raji, thanks a bunch for the feedback...really appreciate it...and I am glad with the result...yes the pickle will finish in a day or two when I make...keep visiting..


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