Sunday, September 23, 2012

How To Increase Traffic To Your Food Blog.

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Hi all, again a small diversion from recipes.

 This post is especially for bloggers who use point and shoot camera.

Few tips I learned to improve my traffic.

I had posted some of my experiences as a food blogger and today, I thought why not write about how I increase my traffic to this blog.

As you all know I take pictures with Nikon Point and Shoot Cam, and that I love to take step by step pictures; just to guide you, show you the whole process of my cooking.... the final outcome should be satisfying as it was for me, and to let you all know that cooking is easy. Taking step by step pictures can be tedious at times, sometimes my cam will be stained with that chocolate cake batter or the pizza dough     flour......I cook and take pictures myself except sometimes my kids lend a helping hand.

I take pictures using macro settings and during day time, mostly in the balcony or in the kitchen on top of my  washing machine....there is plenty of light on these two places....except on a cloudy day. I usually do not plan a photo shoot, it just happens.

Okay coming back to my traffic, I know foodgawker is a major traffic boost "IF" the picture gets accepted; sadly my pictures does not get throu, I have a whooping 83 rejections with just 9 approved, the same with tastespotting. I still submit pictures and get issues...the option available is to change my P&S cam, but I still prefer P&S, then I started looking for otherways to improve my traffic.

Once Dassana, mentioned about FB page; and I wondered why I did not utilize the existing page that I had created, so I started working on that page during mid August and the result was encouraging. Thank you dassana again and my FB guys inspired me.

Then I had a fair amount of twitter followers and get good traffic from there too.

During August my daily stats was somewhere around 1250 and this past week it increased to 2500 to 3000 that made me say WOW!. So I thought I would let you know how my traffic improved, this is basically for bloggers who use P&S camera.

I came to know about and and submitted my pictures and link and traffic just flew in. Finding vegan is only for vegan recipes, the whole wheat coconut pancakes picture I submitted is bringing about 200 visitors per! Imagine that picture which was taken on the spur of the moment while I was making breakfast (without any preplanning) and does not have any chance of getting accepted in foodgawker or tastespotting or tastelogie or any of the big food pron sites....brought me a good amount of traffic from tumbler, facebook, twitter, and finding vegan.

If you are already using tumbler do add me also and lets connect on facebook and twitter too..

Other food pron sites where you might have a chance to get accepted are:

Dessert Stalking.
Savory Sights.
Kitchen Artistry.

An Update: 26/09/12.
A visitor had commented about this site, Just upload my try that too.

Still if there are some more ways you know please leave a comment, I just shared what I have learned through this blog.

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Have a great day..

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