Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homemade chocolates

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Hi, I am relatively new to this blogging world. Chocolate is everyones passion as well as mine. Kids love it, for them if their mother can make yummy chocolates, they will brand their mothers as the best cook in the world!!! I went to a cooking class soon after my marriage and I got a chocolate recipe, but how much ever I tried I never got it right. Finally after many attempts I finally got it right with this recipe. So, for a long time I have been thinking why not share it with others. I have been handing out this one to my friends and relatives and whoever tastes this will always ring up and ask me how to make it.

The best part is it is very easy to make. No stirring for long. I found out that if it is made in the night and kept to set overnight it sets just perfect. I guarantee that kids are going to love this yummy chocolates. After writing out this recipe I made one set and even took some photographs of it which I will post shortly after. Please bear with me for the short comings as I am new to blogging. I hope to give you more and more wonderful recipes which is easy to make.

Homemade chocolates:
Everyday milk powder 200gm-1 packet.(only use everyday)
Sugar-1 cup (200 ml cup)
water-1/2 cup.
Cadbury's cocoa powder-1/4 cup.
Butter-1/4 cup (can add ghee instead also)
Vanilla essence-1 or 2 drops.
Crushed cashew nuts-little.(optional)
Colored sweet balls or silver balls for decoration.(optional)

Put sugar and water in a deep bottom saucepan and bring to boil, check with your fingers to see if it has come to 1 string consistency. Turn off heat add butter and mix well. Then add cocoa powder and milk powder and mix well, add vanilla essence, cashews. Pour into a greased tray and sprinkle colored balls on it and cut into squares when cooled.
This is the most easiest of chocolates and I am sure kids will love it.
One string consistency: Boil sugar and water and after about 2 to 3 minutes, dip a spoon into it and check between your finger tips to see if it is sticking and when you pull your fingers apart a string like line will be seen.


  1. wow interesting n easy to make. will try this soon

  2. First time here..Homemade chocolates look perfect!!

  3. They look very good....

  4. hey I tried these yesterday!! next time would try it out with cadbury's cocoa powder
    thanks a lot .
    would love to try out such easy peasy recipes.

  5. Thanks I was looking for the same recipe as this is my mom in laws secret recipe ... Thanks

  6. hi should i add dry ingredients imm while its hot or after sugar syrup is cooled off?pls advice...thanks

  7. hi i didnt get the chocolate properly...it didnt even solidify..its sticky...can u pls suggest wats the problem?thanks in advance...

  8. Nice post,
    I like those Chocolates. It looks very tempting and delicious.
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